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Fool's Paradise by Kira Bursky

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Fools Paradise 3.jpgKira Bursky's films always have a magical quality to them.  Fool's Paradise is no exception.  

"A dark fantasy about a lonely imaginary friend named Lu who discovers companionship in his new assignment: an equally lonely, abused little girl named Mara."

Kira said that she had the idea on a Saturday morning and one week later she was in the middle of filming it.  Pre-production was done in five days and production was completed in two.  Now Kira is set to place Fool's Paradise in film festivals around the country after having exceeded her goal at Kickstarter for this purpose.  Entering film festivals can get expensive but thanks to Kickstarter that burden has been lifted.

Fools Paradise 2.jpg
It's sure to be appreciated wherever it plays.  Aislin Freya Pax plays Mara, the abused little girl,  who is comforted by her imaginary friend Lu played by David Dietrich.  A perfect match for this story.   Crystal Craven is Marcy, the antagonistic lover of the abusive dad, Richard Camuto.   Marcy tempts the father into making a bad situation worse.

Diane Tower-Jones, Evan Bussanich, Gary Gaines, and Darren Marshall round out the cast as some of the other imaginary friends.  Produced by All Around Artsy in the Asheville, NC area.

See the film below then check out Kira's Facebook page to learn more about her and her production company, All Around Artsy.

Chris Gervais on Fantastic Tales of the Unknown

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Production w250.jpg

"On a dark and stormy night, laced with lightening and thunder, a 'tap, tap, tap' is heard at the door. He lights a candle and walks ever-so-slowly towards the door, reaching his hand for the knob. Opening the door with zeal, there it stands! The creature leans forward, dripping with the run-off rain of a Fedora. It lurches and he draws back, gasping...this stranger, this creature..."

An idea of something you might find in the upcoming Fantastic Tales of the Unknown, a project by Strawhouse Pictures currently seeking funding at A collaboration team including Chris Gervais, Micah Troublefield, Brian Oxendine and Anil Dhokai.  This interview allows us into the mind of Chris as he explains his passion for things that go bump in the night.

Henry Ceiro: Gate 128

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Henry Ceiro
Henry Ceiro is a director and cinematographer from Asheboro.  A recent graduate of the film school at Full Sail University he is quickly making a name for himself in North Carolina.   His latest film is Gate 128 starring Matthew Downing, Carolyn Laws, Douglas Miron Nydick, Mike Gutowski, and Alan C. Thompson.

"Gate 128 is the story of Rose, the last female on earth, and her guardian,  Camilo. They've been traveling for years, getting closer and closer to Gate 128; a mysterious place that promised a cure and safety to any female still alive. Now as their journey is coming to an end, they encounter savage men that have adapted to this new world and prey on survivors."

Gate 128 premiered in Sophia, NC last week.  Now Henry's goal is to get it into as many film festivals as possible.  So keep an eye on Henry and share some of his work on your social media sites. I'm looking forward to seeing what's next.   Here are some links to his website Reflex Productions and some of his other sites.

Kira Bursky - Fool's Paradise

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Kira Bursky.jpg"Tell me a story!" as the character in Sleepyhead might say.  Kira Bursky can do just that.  With a wonderful sense of style she can weave a tale on film that is sure get your attention.  She spends her summers in Asheville, North Carolina and the rest of the year at school in Interlochen, Michigan where she attends the Interlochen Academy of the Arts.  Often working with fellow filmmaker Mida Chu there.  They have made several films together and have won some awards at festivals with them.

"We both have distinct styles, but when we collaborate we create an almost seemingly new style: the IA Production style I guess one could say. We both recognize that there are some things that we cannot co-direct, but even when that sort of situation occurs (for instance, for our film "Johnny Boy" I directed, he DP'ed), the other person will DP or help out in some sort of large capacity."

Fool's Paradise is her latest and she's producing this one with her production company All Around Artsy.  Check out the Kickstarter campaign video and trailer below.   Help Kira get Fool's Paradise into as many festivals as possible.

Fool's Paradise Lead Roles:
Lu - David Dietrich
Mara - Aislin Freya Pax
The Father - Richard Camuto
Marcy - Crystal Craven


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At the Carolina Theatre in Durham, NC

Robert Filion - Carolina Theatre.jpg