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Dressed for Success with Katie Bulla

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or How to put the final touches on a well thought out production.

Katie Bulla.jpg
Katie Bulla    Photo Credit: Alexander Thompson

Katie Bulla is a production designer. What does a production designer do?  They make everything look... right!  Basically the overall look and feel of a movie.  It's that extra element in a film, besides the characters,  that helps to tell the story.  You can learn a lot about a character by the environment they're placed in and the objects around them.  Also, the actors must be dressed to best personify the role they are playing. It should be accurate for the period. Done right it can make the viewer feel they are eavesdropping on the place and time the story is about..

Death of a Wizard

Poster by Abigail Thompson

Poster by Abigail Thompson

It feels too real...  A study of the hatred that grows inside a man.  The director, Edward Varnie, paints his picture with black and white film and the gray shadows in between.  Slip back to the late 60s, just after Martin Luther King's assasination,  into this story set in a small Georgia town that examines how things can get way out of hand.

"In a small southern town circa 1968, a jaded African American youth begins piecing together the mystery surrounding his father's death - a mystery that ultimately leads him and his friends toward a violent and sinister truth harbored by the community."

Death of a Wizard
is a story about the Ku Klux Klan and the palpable tension of race relations in the south.  Contrasted against the innocence of youth it begs this question.  What causes this anger?  Are you born with it?  More likely it is something that rubs off from the society you live in or the circumstances you endure.  Whether it's a couple of people in a small town or the division between two countries at odds, there are always the casualties.  No matter if the collateral damage is big or small it can have a lasting affect on the ones least responsible for the mayhem.

Michael Denny.jpg

Michael Denny is working on  a new animated action series called The Adventures of Red Ball.   Aimed at kids of any age.  At the same time focusing on helping connect autistic children with the world around them.  

"A sporty red ball must bounce high to face the challenges of life as he rolls through his small world discovering adventures and friends around every block."

His company, Servanthood Productions based in Charlotte, North Carolina, will also be developing other animated shows and action series in the future.  He will be needing voice actors from the Carolinas to bring these characters to life.

Catherine Allen1.jpg
Catherine Allen is an actor and sometimes producer from Rock Hill, South Carolina that has her sights set on LA.  Currently she has been working on two projects, one as an actor. The other as producer and assistant to the subject of a documentary about a fashion designer where she follows him to New York Fashion Week.  The designer is Luis Machicao.  This role should come natural to her as she is also his assistant when not filming.

Secrets in the Fall is her next movie and is scheduled to begin filming in Hendersonville, North Carolina this fall.  Produced by Every New Day Pictures it is about high school students that go on a church retreat together and the drama they face.

Check out Catherine in the short film below.  Gone For The Day directed by MJ Slide.  Filmed in Travelers Rest, South Carolina.