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The Box Poster.jpgIt's all polished up and ready to go to the festivals.  The Box, a new film by director Melanie Star Scot of Asheville, North Carolina will carry you back to the Civil War, where you will meet Rebekkah and Levi who are helpless in love..  Then to the present day where the question is held out "Can true love transcend war, death and eternity?"   Not a story ot love lost. What you will see is the possibility of a love's endurance in this screenplay by Kimberly Blanton Davis.

"At the height of the civil war, two young lovers pledge their love and devotion as they plan their future together. Their lives are torn apart and dreams are shattered as tragedy shakes their world to the core. More than a hundred years later, high school student Madison Long is discontent with relationships and the whole idea of love. She finds comfort in the home of a new friend to whom she feels strangely connected. While visiting one day she finds something which mysteriously ties the present to a not-so-distant past... The Box."

Great Depression

Great Depression (Photo credit: buckle1535)

H. Lee Waters, a Lexington, North Carolina photographer and filmmaker,  made many movies during The Great Depression of Carolina town residents and businesses.   Times were hard and he didn't have enough business at his Lexington studio so he set out for various towns in the Carolinas  to make his films and increase his revenue.  

In addition to filming the local residents he would charge local businesses to put some footage of their establishments in the film. Then he would come back several weeks later with the edited film and show it at a local theater, splitting the admission.  An ingenious way to drum up business.

Tom Whitesides of Durham, North Carolina made a film about Mr. Waters called The Cameraman Has Visisted Our Town.  You can see the trailer below.

Thumbnail image for Jackson Ross and Karuna Sun.jpg

There will be a mixer on November 8th for anyone working in the North Carolina film industry hosted by Karuna Sun and Jackson Ross. The event is sponsored by Hypnotized Promotions and will be at Club Karmaa in Wilmington where you will be able to meet others in the film business, network with them, and make new contacts. 

$6 gets you in the door and after that food will be provided.   Bring your business cards.  You never know what kind of opportunities might arise and new friends can turn into future business.  There will be a DJ and dancing on the second floor of Club Karmaa.  The meet and greet is in the lounge on the third floor.  

Flag-map of South Carolina

(Image credit: Darwinek via Wikipedia)

Go Wild in this short film contest sponsored by the South Carolina Department of Parks, Recreation & Tourism and Trident Technical College.  The contest is open to South Carolina high school students in grades 9-12.  Outdoor activities and places is the theme.

Each film must be between 30 seconds to 2 minutes in length and have a least 3 seonds of footage that shows a S.C. Statpe park sign, logo, or state park name.

"The communication goal is to inspire and inform people in South Carolina about the physical and mental benefits of spending time outdoors in a natural setting."

March 22, 2013:  Deadline for submissions.
March 22 - April 30th:  Judging and public voting on films.
May 10th:  Announcement of winners.
June:  Disbursement of prizes and trophies.