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Joe Burnette.jpg
Ghost Light Productions is the first professional theatrical production company in Rock Hill, South Carolina.  Their first production will be In the Spirit of Christmas coming in December.  The shows executive producer is Joe Burnette, an actor who studied at Playhouse West.  Catherine Allen, who we wrote about in Cahterine Allen Does Fillm and Fashion is co-producer and an actor as well. 

Good luck with Ghost Light Productions and I hope everyone in the Charlotte, NC/Rock Hill, SC areas will show their support for your company and In the Spirit of Christmas.

Bring your family and come celebrate the holidays with Ghost Light Productions as it presents, In the Spirit of Christmas, a feel good show the way Christmas was long ago.

Things Are For Stealing

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Things are for Stealing poster.jpgThings Are For Stealing. Are they?  That is the premise and title of Zachary Davenport's new movie which will be premiering this Wednesday in a private screening for the cast and crew. 

"Trapped by a horrifying past, Marty struggles with day to day life. As a pastor in his community he realizes his impact on those around him but does little more than go through the motions of his position.  Life has little meaning to him.  He simply clings to things that seem to give him some memories of what might have been."

Zachary is a student at the University of North Carolina in Wilmington and is relatively new to filmmaking but from the looks of the footage I've seen he is well on his way to making a name for himself.  

The Future of TV

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English: The "peanut" remote for the...

Tivo Remote (Public Domain photo by Evan-Amos via Wikipedia) 

Most people still watch TV via antenna or a cable TV subscription but that is changing rapidly.  Just as cable TV networks have made headway against the traditional TV networks, online networks and programming will rise even faster.

Video on Demand, or VOD is my preferred method of consuming TV now.  I cut the cord with cable TV a few years ago because most of what I wanted was the movie channels (Showtime, Cinemax, HBO) but I had to pay for everything else in between in order to get to those channels. If only cable would go a la carte.  I did like my DVR and the ability to record from a menu of upcoming shows though so  this is what I did.  

I bought a version of the Tivo box that is made for antenna reception and media from the Internet.  This allows me to get the news, weather, late night talk shows, and the occasional series from broadcast TV for free.  Tivo charges a small fee, currently $12.95/month,  for the menu of upcoming programs from local broadcast stations. I can select a single program in advance to record or get a season pass so that I don't miss a any episodes.  The Tivo box records more than I can watch in a day so when I have the time I watch the programs I want, when I want to. It also records media from the shows on the Internet I like when they become available.  No more appointment TV.  

The Tivo box has Netflix and a host of Internet only programs on almost any subject, interest, or hobby you may have.  More than 50% of my viewing is on my TV in the living room but comes from Internet only programming.  That's where things are heading and if you are  a filmmaker or content provider you need to pay attention to this trend.  

There are also the game consoles like XBox 360, PS3, and Wii that can provide Netflix and online programming.  DVD players and TVs are starting to come with these features built in too.  All of this creates more options for the consumer and more avenues for content producers.   Oh, and for some of the films and specials on the movie channels I miss since cutting the cord, I find that I can mostly get them with my Roku box and Netflix or Hulu Plus, albeit a season later than cable.  Suits me.

Nederlands: Darrell Scott @ Paradiso (Amsterda...

Darrell Scott (Photo credit: Erik Joling at nl.wikipedia)

Darrell Scott wowed a packed audience at the McCelvey Center last night with his guitar prowess and remarkable vocals.  The event is part of the Southern Sound  Series being presented at the center over the next few months.  Other performers coming up in the series include The Secret Sisters, Ruthie Foster, Suzy Boggus, and Abigail Washburn.

Keeepers of The Culture Awards were presented to Alan Miller, Pat Veasey, and Joe Zdenek for their contribution in keeping cultural events and education alive in York County, SC followed by Scott's performance.  

Darrell is a Nashville session musician as well as singer/songwriter and performing artist.  He has collaborated with other performers such as Steve Earle, Emmylou Harris, Tim O'Brien, and Guy Clark.  Scott's song Long Time Gone, from his album Real Time with Tim O'Brien was covered by The Dixie Chicks sending it to number 7 on the Billboard Hot 100 Chart.

Hollywood East Mixer Photos

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Here are some photos from the Hollywood East Mixer that was hosted last week by Karuna Sun and Jackson Ross.  The gala was a big success  and left attendees hoping there will be another in the future.  The event was sponsored by Hypnotized Promotions and Club Karmaa in Wilmington, NC 

Some Photos from the Park Bench/Last Call of Duty Premiere at the Mint Museum in Charlotte, NC.  Both of these films were written and produced by Darren W. Conrad.