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The Hollow Oak

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The Hollow Oak 4.jpg
Chris Maney has a lot of responsibility on his shoulders.  To whom?   The supporters, cast, and crew of The Hollow Oak a feature film set to be released this coming summer and they are behind him 100%. 

It started as an idea he had in high school and has developed into the production that now has been underway for over a year.   Along the way he met up with Samantha Katelyn and they have built a great filmmaking team that has their focus on the prize.  To finish this thriller for release by the summer of next year.

"I held an audition in Jacksonville back in 2010. I wanted to make a movie for fun. Nothing fancy...

But I had met Samantha. She convinced me I could do so much more with The Hollow Oak. And we have been at it ever since." - Chris Maney

This production has come a long way since the first audition in 2010. Some roles have been re-cast and a lot of effort has been put forth in scouting locations, blocking scenes, setting up and tearing down equipment, not to mention the editing and sound design.

The Strange and Unusual

logo.jpgI can't wait to see this movie!   The Strange and Unusual is a comedy about a reality series gone awry.  Written and directed by Anil Dhokai and brought to us by VisionScape Media.

The Strange and Unusual has just begun filming.  What will we see when it's complete?  The cast and crew of a cancelled reality TV series with one last episode left to shoot.  What goes on behind the scenes and the personalities that one might encounter in a similar television production.  Anil, has worked in these situations and is bringing some of the strange and unusual things he's seen to this film.

One of the principals of Strawhouse Pictures, Anil always knows that his partners have his back and can help him put together the pieces of the puzzle for a great production just as he does for their films.

Anil, Brian, Micah.JPG

The Perfect Place

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The Perfect Place 1.jpg

There's a lot of talent here in the southeast.  There's also some mighty big hearts in the Carolinas.  A few of them are the producers, cast, and crew of The Perfect Place.  

Written by Taylor-Grace Davis and Patrick Elliott the movie is inspired by Taylor-Grace's work with the Frederick Douglass Family Foundation.  This organization, formed by Nettie Washington Douglass and her adult children, exists to carry on the tradition of her ancestors, Fredrick Douglass and Booker T. Washington.  By creating awareness that slavery and human trafficking is still going on today, she and her family are following in their footsteps.  Her son, Kenneth B. Morris, president of the foundation, travels the U.S. and abroad spreading the message about human trafficking and what can be done about it.

Christopher and Kayli Tolleson: A Family Affair

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ChristopherKayli.jpgKayli and Christopher Tolleson may not be old enough to drive, but they are driven!  This brother and sister are prepared to take the acting world by storm!   Kayli, after hitting the scene about 3 years ago, has been in one thing after another. Which of course makes Mom and Dad very happy, but also sends them into planning-mode. Taking care of the details.

With one gig here, another there, these kids are quickly making it known, we're here, we're amazing, and you're going to love us! 

In this interview, the whole family opens up about what it takes to get started in the film/print/stage industry at a young age. Dave and Janna explain what it takes for parents to make their child's dream happen, and also keep that special bond that is family. It is very clear from the time I spent with them, this family means show business!