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April 2013 Archives

logo.jpgAnxious to see what the Strange and Unusual will look like?  Here's a teaser to give you and idea.

Also, check out the interview we did with the producers and cast.


Swimming With Dolphins

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Swimming With Dolphins.jpg

Robert Filion, where do you find the time?  Here's a teaser for Swimming With Dolphins.  Written by Michael Melendez and directed by Robert Filion it's a lighthearted look at friendship with some unusual twists.

Michael Melendez also stars in the film along with Kevin Johnson, Haven Wilson, and Paul Gibson.  How's that for using talent from the Carolinas?

Check out the teaser below.
Bayou -- Louisiana's Wetland

Louisiana's Wetland (Photo credit: Alicia-Lee-07)

Here is an interview that Benh Zeitlin did with Charlie Rose about his movie Beasts of the Southern Wild.  This film has won many awards thoughout the world and was nominated for four Academy Awards.

Discover how he was able to achieve  the right chemistry between Quvenzhan√© Wallis as Hushpuppy and her on screen father. These two roles did not use professional actors and it is interesting to discover how they were chosen.

It's a story about how to survive loss. Filmed in the Louisiana wetland.  Benh was just wanting to make a film he could be proud of.  He certainly accomplished that goal.

See the interview and learn more about Benh and the movie in the link below