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Broadway After Dark

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Broadway After Dark Poster.png

Debbie's Angels Productions presents Broadway After Dark!  Back by popular demand, this racy, rowdy revue is coming back to Jacksonville!  This is our 3rd year and our cast is bigger and better than ever!

This cast will be performing songs from shows such as Chicago, Rent, Cabaret and many more!   Girls night out?  Date night?  Just want to have a good time? 

Come out and be BAD with us!

Actress Shohreh Agdashloo is an Iranian immigrant who left for England and eventually became a U.S. citizen . Known for House of Sand and Fog in which she won an Academy Award as the wife of Ben Kingsley's character in the movie.

Check out this Tavis Smiley interview where they talk about her life in Iran, her family, and her memoir The Alley of Love and Yellow Jasmines.

Find out about more about the yellow Jasmines and the alley of love in the interview with Shohreh below:
Wild & Scenic Film Festival - Riverfest.pngThe Wild & Scenic Film Festival is a traveling show of films on the environment. It will be coming to Valle Crucis, North Carolina at the end of this month in conjunction with Riverfest.  There will be 10 short films along with music, food, a raffle, and a moonlight river float.

A climate of change is the theme for this years lineup.  The raffle will be for outdoor gear and there will also be a star party after the films to view the stars in the dark skies of Valle Crucis.

Edward Varnie.jpgEdward Varnie has a new project called Law of the Land he will be directing soon.  It is a story about Ash Jones, an assassin who begins to question the morality of his profession when he falls in love.

Edward is the director of Death of a Wizard which has won much acclaim for it's cinematography by Robbie Cline, set design by Katie Bulla, and story by Edward Varnie, Alex Thompson, and Sasha Whitaker.  

Alexander Thompson.jpgIt Seems that it was just a few months ago I was reporting on Death of a Wizard that Alex Thompson had a hand in as a writer.  Maybe I should have talked with him sooner because he has been very busy.  

Death of a Wizard won the Gold REMI Award at the Houston International Film Festival.   Three other films that Alex worked on premiered recently.  Old Souls, a story about two immortal brothers who need to grow up and stop living in the past; Link, a unexpected bond between two WWII concentration camp escapees; and Death & The Robot, a stop motion animation film where two lonely souls share friendship and a legacy.

Every film I've seen that Alex has been involved in has great cinematography, attention to detail, and a solid story that touches the heart and mind.

"I feel that films need to fill three purposes - They need to entertain, they need to inspire, and they need to enlighten or inform. If you only have the former, you get a brainless turkey that will soon be forgotten. If you only have the latter, you have a philosophical propaganda film that jams its agenda down the audience's throat. You need it all, or you've wasted the audience's time and their hard earned money they spent on a ticket. If the films I make fulfill all three purposes, then I can rest easily, even if everything isn't 110% perfect. Whether or not I have succeeded on those fronts just yet is, of course, entirely up to the audience - We make movies for them, not for ourselves exclusively." - Alex Thompson -

Though still a student at UNC School of the Arts,  Alex is a very talented man who is not content to sit still.  I expect to see more great work to come in the future and am very pleased to have had the opportunity to ask him a few questions which can be seen below.
John Mellencamp (singer, songwriter, and guita...

John Mellencamp (Public domain photo by Peter Rimar. via Wikipedia)

What do you get when you put John Mellencamp and Stephen King together then add T-Bone Burnett for good measure?  A musical called Ghost Brothers of Darkland County.  

Conceived by John who enlisted the help of Stephen King as the writer, it's a southern gothic musical about a sibling rivalry that turns to tragedy.  John wrote all the songs for the musical.  After more that 10 years of collaboration they brought on T-Bone Burnett (music producer of O Brother, Where Art Thou? and many others) to help pull it all together.

The musical will have shows coming this October and November in Indiana, Kentucky, Tennessee, North Carolina, Ohio, Michigan, and Iowa.  In addition it will be released as a digital and hardcover book.  The soundtrack which is available on iTunes includes Elvis Costello, Neko Case, Kris Kristofferson, Sheryl Crow, Dave Alvin, Phil Alvin, Taj Mahal, Ryan Bingham, Roseanne Cash, and John Mellencamp with Lily and Madeleine Jurkiewicz.   

See the promotional video for the musical below.