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The Art of Cindy Riccardelli

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Cindy Riccardelli.jpg
Cindy Riccardelli is a native of Connecticut  who has taken to the hills and mountains of Asheville, North Carolina.  I don't usually write about art but after Kira Bursky told me that Cindy was making a doll for a stop-animation film she has coming up I had to learn more.  I was pleasantly surprised at what I found.

Her style is so unique. It really reminds me of Tim Burton mixed with something that I haven't yet put my finger on. I just love it. - Film Diretor Kira Bursky - 

Cindy has many talents ranging from jewelry making, painting, collage work, and doll making.  She is not one to be content working in just one medium.

We talked recently about how and why she is compelled to create in the interview below.

The Find by Mike Garland

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The Find Poster.jpg

Mike Garland is directing a short film called The Find in Spartanburg, South Carolina.  No, he isn't related to Hank Garland from the same area.  I asked.  Although he does play the guitar.   Originally from Detroit, Mike moved to South Carolina after a stint in the Army because his wife is from Spartanburg.

Having been an actor for a number of years and a law enforcement officer; Mike has turned his attention to a story he wrote called The Find  while while working at the jailhouse.  Written over a period of a couple of years this is the first in a series of screenplays he is producing along with the guys at Ridge Runner  Media, Brian and Terry Miller.

 I finally sent it to a music composer in England to see about music for it. He said it made the hair on his neck stand up. This is when I knew we may have a winner.