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Detective Jack Gibson attempts to solve a string of murders related to an experiment substance called "X5".

What makes this film different is that it will feature, along with live action, pixel art reminiscent of 80's video games like Mortal Kombat and Snatcher.

Carolina Film & Video Festival

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Downtown Greensboro

Downtown Greensboro (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The Carolina Film & Video Festival begins today in Greensboro, North Carolina.

Wednesday, February 26th through Saturday, March 1st
Elliott University Center
University of North Carolina Greensboro
Greensboro, North Carolina

The Land of Oz Remembered

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Land of Oz

Land of Oz (Photo credit: _rockinfree)

I never visited The Land of Oz, an amusement park that thrived during the '70s on North Carolina's Beech Mountain.  Though, I was able to look down on the park from atop the highest point of the White Lightning Trail at Beech Mountain Resort when I went skiing there.

It looked liked a very well kept park at the time and though not open on those cold winter days I imagined what fun it must have been for the people that performed there as well as the visitors and their children.

Today I ran across this article in The Daily Beast,  Follow the Yellow Brick North Carolina by Nina Strochlic and it reminded me of the park.  

Considering how long it has been dormant, (it closed in 1980), it still looks pretty good and piques the imagination to think about what it must have been like in it's heyday.

In 1990 it started opening for two days every year in what is known as the Autumn at Oz Festival to the delight of former visitors and employees.  A time to remember what it was like to work and play there.

Below is a film by Sam Howe and Jessie Whitman, The Land of Oz, that shows the park as it is now and gives a bit of history about how it came to be and what forced it's closure.

Resurrection After-party Album Cover.jpgResurrection After-Party is the latest album from Stephanie Wolfe.  It is being released on her Chipped Polish Records label tomorrow, February 14th, Valentines Day. 

This album is heavy into electronica.  My favorite song is Excited although Something Wicked is very popular too.

Chipped Polish Records is committed to female artists in the genres of pop, electronica, rock, and experimental music.