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I recently saw Union Bound and was pleasantly surprised. Great story. Pam & Bill Jay (descendents of Joseph Hoover who kept the diary the film is based pm), I can see why you are happy about the movie. All of the actors were very good and the wardrobe authentic. The first thing I noticed was the cinematography and the attention to detail. The next thing I noticed was the soundtrack. Not overpowering but just right to convey the emotion of each particular scene. Kudos to everyone who worked on this movie. Also, hats off to the editing department.

This movie is a drama that shows us a slice of what the Civil War was like. From the viewpoint of a captured Union Soldier. Although it does have some Civil War battle scenes it is not a film about the large scale conflicts, but more of the personal ones. To my relief there is not  a blockbuster action scene around each corner. If this interests you so far then Union Bound is the movie for you to see.

Harvey Lowry2.jpgThe director of Union Bound, Harvey Lowry, is an active man who's years of work in the film industry betray his youthful appearance. I found that we share a common love for the outdoors and backpacking. Harvey revealed to me he was planning an ascent of Mt. McKinley. Being at home in the outdoors must have come in handy during the making of this movie as only one day was spent on a soundstage. The rest were outside, mostly around Stagville Plantation in the heat of the North Carolina summer with the ticks, flies, and other wildlife.

It was even worse for the actors as they had on layered wool and cotton clothing. At least one crew member had to go to the hospital after collapsing on set.

That's the price you pay when you have a good story to tell. Union Bound is one of them.  The movie got its start from diaries kept by Joseph Hoover during the Civil War. Pam Jay, a descendant of Joseph approached Michael Davis, the producer of Union Bound, with the diaries. Her husband Bill had painstakingly transcribed them so they could easily be read. After looking over them Michael knew this was a story he wanted to tell so he contacted John Errington to write the screenplay and Harvey to direct. The rest, as they say, is history.

I wanted to know more about how Harvey got involved. Here is what told me. "When considering a film to direct, I consider a number of things. First, everything starts with a good script. When I read the Union Bound script, I was really impressed with the story, the characters, the dialogue and the fact that it was all a true story. John did a wonderful job in writing the script.

The second thing to consider is the team. When I was first introduced to Michael, the producer, we hit it off pretty well. He's a great guy who was passionate about the project and I felt it in his pitch. It was an easy decision to collaborate with him.

Other points to consider include: Is this a film I would want to see? Is this a project I would be proud of? Is this a film in line with my moral beliefs? There are a multitude of things to consider, and I was very excited that Union Bound was an easy decision across the board."

"A 1962 play by Edward Albee. It examines the breakdown of the marriage of a middle-aged couple, Martha and George. Late one evening, after a university faculty party, they receive an unwitting younger couple, Nick and Honey, as guests, and draw them into their bitter and frustrated relationship. "

Who's Afraid of Virginia Woolf?
April 13th thru May 1st 
Wednesday thru Saturday at 7:30 pm, Sundays at 2:00 pm
North Carolina Stage Company
15 Stage Lane
Asheville, North Carolina

Here's a young lady I hope and think we'll be seeing a lot more of. Bev Tan has her feet wet in both the commerce and art sides of filmmaking.  By day, a mild mannered member of a social marketing team. By night a creative filmmaker willing to take on the social issues of the day.

Born in New York City eventually ending up in North Carolina and going to high school in Holly Springs. Bev made up her mind very early what she wanted to do in life. "I decided I wanted to be a filmmaker when I was 7 years old." To fulfill that desire she eventually ended up at Western Carolina University. "I went to film school at Western Carolina University and worked as a photographer and freelance writer as well during that. I also minored in poetry. I have always been in love with filmmaking but I did change my concentration 5 times, beginning and ending with producing."
Arsenic and Old Lace.jpg

Tonight, and continuing through April 24th, Cape Fear Regional Theatre presents Arsenic and Old Lace.  

"Mortimer Brewster, is a drama critic who must deal with his crazy, homicidal family and local police in Brooklyn, NY, as he debates whether to go through with his recent promise to marry the woman he loves."

Arsenic and Old Lace
April 7th - April 24th
Cape Fear Regional Theatre
1209 Hay Street
Fayetteville, North Carolina


You can't always get what you want, but sometimes, you might get what you need. That could be the case for Joseph Hoover who fought in the Civil War and was in many of the locations ithe war encompassed, both north and south.

You see Joseph fought for the Union but, was captured and held prisoner in the south. That is the story that the movie Union Bound tells.

His story was learned when producer Michael Davis met with one of the descendants of Joseph and they showed him the diaries that Joseph kept during the war.

There were two diaries. One from 1863 and one from 1864. The movie is based on the one from 1864. After seeing the diaries and realizing that it would make a great movie Michael contacted John Errington to write the screenplay. Having worked with John before and knowing that he loved history and studied it at Harvard, he knew that John would deliver a great story for the film.

John indeed had studied a lot of history but most of it was in medieval studies. So he had to do his homework. Besides writing the screenplay, John is also a cinematographer. So, I'm sure this helped him visualize what the scenes of the movie would look like as he was writing. He told me that he tried to keep the story as close as possible to what he got from the diary but Joseph Hoover was a man of few words. So his diary contained a little what, where, and when, but not a lot of detail. So he had to use his  research into the period to fill in the gaps in order to tell the story.