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Charlotte take notice that Saturday, June 11th, Charlotte is going to be treated to an amazing show at The Stage Door Theater here in Charlotte, North Carolina. It's called The Recital of the Lotus and is presented by THE SECRET POETS SOCIETY. It's the only show this weekend where you get belly dancers, acoustic and folk singers, and poets all in the same show. It is a multi-cultural bonanza that celebrates the beautiful diversity of our humble Queen City.

You will see the region's best and brightest emerging artists display their incredible talent. Whether it is the acoustic band The Pedantics, drummer RICH BOI, and much more there will be without doubt something for everyone. Who knows you might see the rise of the next Maya Angelou or Robert Frost.


Vision Scope Studios is casting for the role of "Zenobia" in their newest Film, Zenobia: The Last Guardian. They are looking for an African American female between the ages of 14-17 years old. 

Behind Comic Con Curtains

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Behind Comic Con Curtains (2).jpg

When Adam York contacted me about this documentary I was intrigued. I love documentaries and like to know how things work. The brainchild of Dave Harlequin and Jonathan E. Weaver they intend to not only show what the experience will look like for an attendee going through the doors for the first time but also what is happening in the background between the vendors, panelists, and players of these multi-media events as they prepare for the show.

Adam York is the Executive Producer of this film. As usual he will be wearing a lot of hats during the production.  Jonathan E. Weaver is a writer for, host of the podcast JonCast and will be directing the documentary.  Dave Harlequin is a fiction writer and journalist who is also a producer and the Assistant Director.

Comic Cons are for fans of all things from comic books to movies and TV series. These conventions consist of vendors, games, discussion panels, film contest, music, parties, and more...