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Education In Love

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Education In Love is a feature length movie that Trey Riley, as writer and director along with Kimberly Huffstetler (an accomplished actress) as his assistant, felt compelled to make. The circumstance that brought them together was pure serendipity. They met one day on a shuttle van.  Trey heard Kimberly mention Jenna. The person Trey had envisioned as the lead actress in the movie was a friend of his, Jenna Huffstetler. So he immediately called Jenna to get the scoop.Jenna is Kimberly's daughter. So he introduced himself to Kimberly and told her about the screenplay he had written.  Not mentioning Jenna.

Kimberly felt a pull to help Trey make his movie but through a comedy of errors did not realize until the production was under way that the person he wanted as the lead actress was her own daughter. A match made in heaven.

Starring Jenna Huffstetler as Rhiannon a young lady going away to college for the first time. Stephen Brown as her boyfriend Kevin, who goes to a different college miles away that puts a strain on the relationship.  Kimberly Huffstetler as Kevin's mother. Brice Heller as Ben and Charay Vaughan as Professor Stoneham. The cast is large and includes cameos of all the crew members as well.

Darin Holiday signed on to do the cinematography who also felt compelled to tell the story. "I knew that I wasn't going to be able to devote all of my attention to it. Over the next month or so I began to feel the pull of this project and I also know that we need more positive films made in this world. This is a dark world in my opinion that needs as much light as we can give it."

Will Black's "Good Luck"

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Will Black's latest production is a series that explores a situation where a young girl who is a gun runner must make one last transaction before she can wash her hands of organized crime. Coming to VHX.TV this Friday.

Hannah Wright 2.png

Hannah Wright stars as Elizabeth, a gun runner who is tired of the business and must fight for her survival.

"Will is genuine and that is the best part about working with him. He's open to ideas and flexible for everyone's comfortability. I'm not afraid to include my own opinion or ideas when we work together and he is happy to listen. Not to mention he takes good care of all of the cast on set. He makes sure we have food and water and actually cares about our comfort. You can really see his creativity come through within the script too. He's respectful to his cast and picked us according to personality to mesh well with the characters he wanted to come to life and he hit the nail on the head. Will has been a pleasure to work with. and will be in the future." - Hanna Wright - Actress

The series is being shot in Jackson, Tennessee and most of the cast and crew are from Tennessee. Cast includes Hanna Wright, Katie Pavao, Derek Conquest, Michael LaCour, Lantonio Jackson, Ali Merki, and Troy Compas.

Recently I was out walking late one evening when I heard the call of music coming from a nearby restaurant. When I located the source I found it was coming from the pub's deck. So I found a place to sit nearby and listened from afar to the last few songs of the closing set.

It was a solo act, acoustic guitar and vocals, playing popular songs from now and then. I asked a couple standing on the lawn if they knew his name. They said "no" but they liked him and also wanted to know who he was. I proceeded up the stairs and to the entertainer's station just in time for his last number. A Johnny Cash song. He announced his name as Mike Waters. Afterword I had a moment to speak with him and found him to be a very nice and engaging young man. We set up an interview so I could learn more about him and his musical calling.

"I have known Mike Waters for many years and he is one of the most well rounded/talented guitrarist/singers you'll find.  He can go from "Cash" to "Clash" and covers about any genre.  Not only that, he is a great friend and one of the nicest people you'll ever meet!"  -  Butch Oneppo of The Oneppo Brothers (Duo and Band)

I found out he is a full time musician and has been performing as a solo act for about 16 years, loves spending time with his wife when he's not working, likes to cook, and is into martial arts. Check out the interview below to learn more.