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Anew by Allison Cain

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Allison Cain's freshman attempt at directing a film, Anew, is something to be proud of. Judging from the quality of the movie, she is doing all the right things. Having a little acting experience herself she knew who to call upon when a crew was needed and how to audition for the actors that would fit the bill. The screenplay is all hers.

Anew is a story about people who may or may not be doing okay in life but feel that something is missing. Should I take a step in a new direction? That is the question they are asking themselves. Anew prescribes a 'Yes" to answer this question. If you can, it may be just what you need.

To film the short Allison enlisted the help of cinematographer Alan Moore. Here's what Alan had to say about working with her.

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"Working with a first time director can be challenging, but Allison was very focused on what she wanted. She always listened to recommendations of the people she had around her, but at the same time she had a very specific vision for this project. It was wonderful working with her.... She is teaming up with David Killingsworth and me to enter a film in the Atlanta 48 hour film project next month. I'm very excited to work with her again." Alan Moore - Johnnie Sprinkle Films

In the interview below Allison tells us a bit about the film  and some of the other things she does,  followed by the movie. Looking forward to seeing what's ahead for this young filmmaker.


Tell us about Anew.

Allison  Anew, is pretty much focusing on the fact that we all go through internal struggles that force us to make decisions one way or another in life. And so many people take the safe way and live their lives in an unfulfilling manner, out of fear. So, the hope of this film was to bring a little inspiration and hope to people. And to remind them that, it is okay to start over and try something different.

Was there an event in your own life that inspired you to write it?

Allison  As a whole, the film was inspired by seeing people throughout my life not truly go after what they want, out of fear and self doubt. I think that is such a tragedy and I just wanted to make a statement saying, it's okay. Go for it.

Have you ever felt that way? Unsure of what direction to take next?

Allison  Of course! At one point I almost convinced myself to put the arts behind me and settle down. It didn't take me very long after that to realize that I just couldn't do that.

I was drawn to the gentleman that played the part of the fela that decided to become a missionary. Tell me about the actors you used in this film.

Allison  Yes, Kevin Gaddie is his name. He did a good job. Honestly I just got extremely blessed with everyone who came on board. The crew pretty much just fell together and for the actors, I had everyone who was interested send me a taped audition of a dramatic monologue of their choice. Then casting went from there..Every actor involved was wonderful. They were professional, patient and just a joy to be around. I couldn't be happier with the team I had.

The leads, with the roles they played: Martin Henne played, Braden. Kevin Gaddie played, Jay. Elesia Marie played, Ariel. Whitney Arana played, Charlie. Those are the four main characters that they film was based around.

The crew was wonderful. My cinematographer was, Alan Moore, of Johnnie Sprinkle Films, and my Assistant Director was, Ashley Bears. Also helping with camera was, David Killingsworth and sound was Joshua Sik and David Cain. There was more crew as well, so many great people helped with this project.

Locations were in Enterprise, Alabama and Pensacola, Florida.


Have you written or directed any other films?

Allison  This is the first and only film I have written thus far

Are you planning on doing another one?

Allison  Definitely. I couldn't say when, but I will for sure do it again. I learned so much from just jumping into it with such a great team of people, that I know I will go into the next project with more grace and wisdom.

You already knew people in filmmaking right? I guess that was a big help.

Allison  Yea, it was a huge help

What's next for Allison Cain?

Allison  Right now I'm just taking it a day at a time. Learning what I can, auditioning, experiencing as much as I can and continuing to write.

Tell me about your writing. Is it screenplays only?

Allison  No, I write songs, poetry short stories and screen plays.

So you're a songwriter. What instrument do you accompany yourself with? Do you perform?

Allison  I am slowly but surely learning how to play the acoustic. But no, I haven't performed much. I will be changing that once I get a bit better with my guitar. (laughs)

You've been in a few films yourself. Tell us about that.

Allison  I have done short films, the web series thing and have been making my way into television. But, I am enjoying exploring both behind and in front of the camera.

Thank you for telling us about Anew and other things that you do. I can see you have a bright future ahead of you.

Allison  Ah, thank you so much. I truly appreciate that. And thank you for the opportunity to discuss the film and more.

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