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Angel Defreitas and Kayla McBrayer - A Place Called Home

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A Place Called Home is a short film written by Kayla McBrayer and directed by Angel Defreitas that deals with domestic abuse.  It could be your neighbor or best friend that is having to deal with this injustice and you might never be aware of it because it is accepted and not talked about outside of the family.

The narrative is from the children's perspective as seen through the eyes of the oldest daughter and how abuse can affect the whole family.

Starring Kayla McBrayer, Rhonda Lynn Jones, Chris Matheny, and Payton Stover.  Crew members include Angel Defreitas as director; Hanna Stover, Kayleigh Stover, and Ella Grace Misenheimer on makeup with Derek Miller and Derek Jones on audio.  Catherine Hester was the photographer and Kimberly Brouillette designed the poster.

A Place Called Home - Cast & Crew by Cahterine Hester.jpgA Place Called Home - Cast & Crew by Cahterine Hester Top row: Kayleigh Stover, Angel Defreitas, Rhonda Lynn Jones with her daughter Ashley, Chris Matheny, Kayla McBrayer with Payton Stover, and Ella Grace Misenheimer. Bottom row: Hanna Stover, Kimberley Broullette, and Derek Jones.

Check out the interview below to find out what Kayla and Angel had to say about the film and their experiences as filmmakers.


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Tell me about the A Place Called Home .

Kayla McBrayer  A Place Called Home is a short film about domestic abuse and the pain that the whole family endures. There are a lot of people who suffer in silence and just accept the abuse as their lives!  A Place Called Home is told through the eyes of the oldest daughter.

Angel Defreitas  Couldn't have said it better myself.

Kayla, you wrote the screenplay, Is that right?

Kayla McBrayer  Yes! I chose Angel for this project because he is a friend of mine and i knew he would hold true to the theme of the movie and do the project justice!

Kayla McBrayer.jpg
Kayla McBrayer
Angel Defreitas  We actually filmed the whole short in one area, in Stanley, NC.  Rhonda Jones who plays Kayla's mom let us use her home.

What appealed to you about the screenplay when you read it?

Angel Defreitas  Kayla is a very talented writer. And when I read the script which started off with a different title, I just really thought this is a different take on abuse. It's from one of the children's perspective and not the wife's. Plus it shows the darker side of abuse and shows we all having breaking points no matter what our ages are. I liked that idea and bringing the awareness to people. 

We really don't have any statistics out about how many murders/suicides are from actual abuse. So this was a way of telling that story

Who will we be seeing in the cast of this movie?

Angel Defreitas  Wow... Well Kayla is the main character. We also have the talented Rhonda Lynn Jones, Chris Matheny, and our little star Payton Stover!
Plus some awesome behind the scenes crew
Angel Defreitas by David Superville and Leigh Ann Pobiak.jpg
Angel Defreitas by David Superville and Leigh Ann Pobiak

Please mention your crew,  I remember Rhonda from The Find.

Angel Defreitas  Of course. First our make up team of Hanna Stover, Kayleigh Stover, and even Ella Misenhiemer assisted them. We also had our 2 Derek's.  Derek Miller and Derek Jones helped with audio. Catherine Hester took pictures for our poster and Kimberly Brouillette did our poster design

Yes Rhonda did great in that short as well!

APC Production Stills 3.jpg

When will the film be released?

Angel Defreitas  I'm currently trying to get the editing done, so no later then Mid July. I hope we can premiere it at the August Charlotte Film Community Meeting.

Are both of you members of the Charlotte Film Community?

Angel Defreitas  I'm not a member but I do attend a lot of their meetings and I support a lot of the talented individuals that are members.

Kayla McBrayer  No I am not a member, but like Angel I have also attended.

Kayla, you play the oldest daughter in the film.  How bad is the abuse that is demonstrated in this film?  Is this like the abuse that might be going on down the street at one of your neighbors houses but no one knows about it.  

Kayla McBrayer  It has the everyday common abuse story, like you said someone on your very block may be suffering daily. rolled into a short film the only difference if any is way the abuse stops.

Sounds interesting.  How long have you been writing?

Kayla McBrayer  I have always had an creative mind, but I just recently started writing scripts.

Tell me how you became interested in filmmaking and some of the things you've worked on.

Kayla McBrayer  I have been acting for 3 years now. I have always dreamed of being in the industry.  I have worked on projects such as Shuffleton's Barbershop,  The Unknown, Secrets in the Snow, and Lizard Lick Towing.

I started off doing church plays, and when I was younger I would always love to play with my friends and we would recreate horror movies. Lol. I am originally from Alabama, and I lived in Florida. But when I moved to North Carolina I attended classes at John Casablancas in Cary. Brittany Goodwin, Director of Secrets in the Snow (My first project) actually inspired me to begin writing scripts. I have also been on an episode of Ghost Trek, The Strange and Unusual, The Dead Dont Die, and several others.

Angel Defreitas  Well I started off young acting in school plays and eventually in local playhouses in town. I loved [it] but left because I became a Marine. It wasn't till about 2 years ago that I started to get back in it. I've done a lot of extra work on Revolution, Iron Man 3, The Walking Dead, but it wasn't till I did extra work on a film called My Name is Paul that I was inspired to not only write scripts but to direct. I give thanks to Vanessa and Trey Ore for helping me find that passion and Jen Becker Kirkpatrick  for casting me as an extra.  After that I starred in 3 shorts, 2 were student films and the other a fun short called Zombie Daddy directed by Derek Miller. I have a feature in development which I will direct.

What is the feature in development?

Angel Defreitas  It's called Till My Last Breath. I've working on it for a year and hoping we set a filming date sometime this summer or early fall.

You have an emotional involvement in that project don't you?

Angel Defreitas  Yes, it's about my fiancĂ© who sadly passed away when we were young

How did you lose her?  Will the film be about the good times and the bad?

Angel Defreitas  Jamie was born with an immune deficiency disorder, so she grew up her whole life in a bubble almost. Her and I knew each other our whole lives. She unfortunately got sick while I was away and wasn't strong enough to fight it. The film is a retelling of our love, her faith and ultimately her death but it will also tell how she changed me and others with her faith and hope in life.

You were in the Marines when she passed away?

Angel Defreitas  Yes. I was actually in boot camp at the time

Kayla, what about BAIT with Candace Blanchard?  You wrote, and directed it.  Was this a first for you?

Kayla McBrayer  Yes, BAIT was the first film I wrote.  It is feature length film.

What was the subject matter for BAIT?

Kayla McBrayer  Bait is about the harsh effects of bullying. The movie BAIT is written to show that bullying doesn't just affect the people you bully, but all those around you, even those closest to you! Everybody is either a bully or someone who gets bullied.

Kayla, that's two movies about the darker side of family and friends.  I trust these issues are very close to your heart.  is that why you write about them?

Kayla McBrayer  Yes, they are close to my heart. I believe everyone can relate to the topics in one way or another. I like to let people see the darker sides of people when they are pushed to their limits by others

What have you learned recently that has helped you most in your filmmaking and storytelling?

Angel Defreitas  Honestly Dan what has helped me in my script writing and filmmaking has been the amazing people at The INDEE!  Guys like Richard Clark, Jr., Colby Hopkins and Ryen Thomas really showed me how to plan out my script. And the crew they have from Dale Deacon, David Superville, Jen Becker Kirkpatrick, and so many more have all helped me to develop into a better filmmaker and understand the industry better

How did you get to know the people at The iNDEE?  Did you help them with their projects?

Angel Defreitas  I owe that to Jen Becker Kirkpatrick. She cast me as an extra on My Name is Paul and heard about me writing the script for Till My Last Breath. She mentioned it to Ryen and we had a meeting. I met Richard and the gang and really liked all of them. But I didn't understand the business and tried to do the film on my own. That's when David Superville and I connected. 

My attempt at doing the film alone was harder than I thought but the guys at the Indee believed in my story so we got together and the rest is history. I support a lot of their projects and am always ready to help them with anything they need.

Kayla McBrayer  I have MABEL as my next short film.  I wrote that one as well.  Working on 2 more.  Also, Angel's film The Meeting.

MABEL is about two young girls who are perceived as rotten apples or crazy by the things they do. However one must never judge a book by our covers, because sometimes things are more than they appear!  Real demons aren't just in our nightmares!

Words of wisdom?

Kayla McBrayer  I would say to anybody that wants to become a part of this industry, to never give up and to always follow your passion and dreams for Acting, Directing, producing, film writing or any other aspects of the entertainment industry. Study all you can, and work hard!
And also to have fun while doing it. Enjoy every minute!

Angel Defreitas  For film makers I would say believe in what you are doing. Your passion will carry onto your films. No matter how much schooling you do you learn new things about this industry everyday! Don't be afraid to fail and always look at advice as a way to get better. As for writers open yourself up. Let your imagination help you take you to stories that are not the norm for you. Allow yourself to grow and always leave them wanting more.

A Place Called Home Poster.jpg
A Place Called Home poster designed by Kimberly Brouillette; photography by Catherine Hester.