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As I See It... Doug Hicks

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Doug Hicks.jpg
Doug Hicks is the photographer behind Metal Phoenix Photography. With a BA in Studio Art from Salem College with multiple focuses in photography, oil painting, and graphic design, he brings a unique eye to the images he creates. 

Centering on the idea that "photography is all about mastering light; everything else is easy," he strives to depict what is actually seen rather than create affects on the computer. The resulting images, with the exception of color and exposure correction, are a result of camera use and skill and not computer savvy.  

As I See It... highlights photos in the  artistic/editorial categories of a photographer's body of work. 

But a Kiss.jpg
But a Kiss
For my senior thesis at Salem College, I explored the idea of change: what happens to an image if you add, remove or change one element (literal or metaphorical) of an image. In this piece, I added the element of danger. Michelle Curry was very patient and trusting as I attached real glass to her lips using honey and took a large number of images. The resulting picture juxtaposes beauty and danger and creates a haunting picture which is striking at its intended size: 60" X 40" on metallic paper. (Nikon D60)


An experiment in long exposure and focus pull. While most focus pull shots of fireworks make them look like fantastic flowers, I found that reversing the process created images that have more depth and light.  (Nikon D4)

Formal Decay.jpg
Formal Decay
One of my earlier photos using juxtaposition between "clean and formal" and "dirty and decaying." The stark contrast speaks for itself. (Nikon D60)

Game Changer.jpg
Game Changer
An experiment with fire and an initial image for my senior thesis at Salem College. Won honorable mention in the Photographer's Forum Nikon College contest 2013. (Nikon D60)

God's Acre.jpg
God's Acre
A cemetery in Winston Salem at Salem College. The moon at perigee during a long exposure creates stark contrast in a surreal setting. (Nikon D4)

Jerpoint Abbey.jpg
Jerpoint Abbey
When walking in old churches, cathedrals, and abbeys in Ireland, every step you take is likely on someone's grave as the grounds have been used as burial grounds for centuries. (Nikon D60)

Kara Chambers 2.jpg
Kara Chambers
Kara Chambers is a talented woman and artist. I had the pleasure of working with her on numerous occasions. (Nikon D4)

Kara Chambers1.jpg
Kara Chambers
Kara is a fantastic fire dancer and an incredible person. A graduate of Salem College,I had the distinct pleasure of working with her on numerous projects. (Nikon D4)

As part of my senior thesis, I played with the idea of metaphorical elements. As a part of my senior body of work, I created a series centering on eyes. This one was called "Hecate." Again, Michelle Curry made the day with her fantastic patience and make-up skills. (Nikon D4).

The moon at perigee at Reynolda Gardens. Even though there are no adjustments made to this image, long exposure photography can pick up on details and colors that the human eye does not. (Nikon D4)

The Renaissance Fair near Charlotte, NC. The fair holds regular performances where knights parade before a joust and obligatory melee combat. Sadly, this knight was the loser for this performance. (Nikon D4)

Sleeping Beauty.jpg
Sleeping Beauty
The wonderful and fantastic Amelia Mau braved the smelly muck and dried slime of the floor of an abandoned animal slaughterhouse for this image. I wanted to play with the theme of a forgotten Sleeping Beauty: what would it look like if she had never been rescued, forgotten in the winds of time? The green and red are a result of light painting. Minor photoshop to remove control units for the lighting. The building was torn down shortly afterwards and this may well be the last photo of it. (Nikon D4)

Summer Festival.jpg
Summer Festival
One of my earlier pieces (2009). Every summer, the city of Greensboro, NC puts on the summer solstice festival and it is always a fantastic show of body painting, performers, belly dancing and appropriately themed vendors. This shot was completely candid and she disappeared before I could get her name. (Nikon D60)

Shot at Reynolda House. (Nikon D4)

Michelle Curry once again did some amazing work modeling for this with assistance from Roy Marecki from Shutter's Edge Photography. Taken at the Vietnam War Memorial in Washington DC. As part of my senior thesis, I wanted to play with the idea of color and change. After a 5.5 hour drive, we arrived and Michelle body painted herself gray and dressed in clothing from the period. We hadn't thought about it being Memorial Day weekend and we didn't know that they were reading the names on the wall, a once a decade occurrence and circumstances did not allow us to reschedule. After a misunderstanding with an event organizer, we had to have an escort from the National Park Service as well as the DC police to finish the shoot. Because the whole ordeal took roughly 1.5 hours, some of the body paint had worn off so I desaturated her colors on the computer in order to make it truly black and white. The resulting tones from the body paint with desaturation created stunning image that caught the light and emotions of viewers at it's intended size of 60" x 40" on metallic paper. I discovered afterwards that Michelle and I both have family names on that wall and I will never forget that project.