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Auditions: If You Only Knew... Why I Struggle To Trust God! - Columbia, SC

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Wow Productions, a producer of inspirational stage plays , is holding auditions for If You Only Knew... Why I Struggle To Trust God! by Tangie B. Beaty.    Performances will be Saturday, October  at 3:00 pm and 7:30 pm, Midlands Technical College,  Haribson Theatre.  There are also stage crew positions available.

  • PASTOR: Pastor of the Church, preaches and is very compassionate.
  • FIRST LADY: Married to the pastor, (must be a strong vocalist and have an ability to preach)
  • KAREN (lead character): A Young Married Woman, very argumentative (must be a strong vocalist)
  • ERIC (lead character): A young married man, silly but fed up (must be a strong vocalist)
  • TAYLOR (lead character): Hairdresser. Leading a double life (ability to sing a plus, not required)
  • OMAR:  A womanizer whose temper is hard to handle
  • ALISHA:  Friend with solid wisdom (must be a strong vocalist)
  • YOLANDA:  Friend who tells it like it is (ability to sing a plus, not required)
  • CHERYL:  Friend with solid wisdom, but don't mind telling you what she think (must be a strong vocalist)
  • WENDY:  Co-worker, who know God but won't go back to church.
  • SHAWN:  Friend whose past life has caused him to give up on life completely.
  • STEPHANIE:  Church gossiper, who believes everyone is going to hell but her
  • SIS. WILSON:  Church secretary and finance committee leader.  Very silly (must be a strong vocalist)

Saturday, August 6th
10:00 am - 2:00 pm

For an audition time you must pre-register by Friday August 5th.

Email a headshot and resume' to:

Or call: 803.319.6011

Audition Information and online registration form:

Other jobs available:
  • Stage Managers
  • Production Manager
  • Director
  • Musicians (keyboardist, drummers, base guitar players)
  • Songwriters
  • Wardrobe Managers
  • Marketing Managers
  • Adminsitrative Assistant - NEED IMMEDIATELY

Interested parties should send a resume' and letter of interest to:

155 Clemson Frontage Road, Suite 815
Columbia, SC 29229