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Beneath The Waves Film Festival - Norfolk, Virginia

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English: Great white shark (Carcharodon carcha...

Public Image by Sharkdiver68 via Wikipedia

This is a festival for filmmakers who have work that ties in with the festival's ocean, marine, aquatic theme or issue.  You do not have to have underwater footage in the film.  They are looking for films from students, filmmakers, scientists, advocates, etc...  Anyone with a story to tell about marine life or those that work in support of it.  Submissions are due by January 20th, 2012 and the festival will be held in late March.  

Selected top entries  will be shown on the IMax screen at the Nauticus IMSX Theatre and will include audience participation with the filmmakers about their films.  There will also be a workshop on conservation filmmaking where you can learn how to integrate research and film.  The Beneath The Waves "Shore Drive Series" is handful of  chosen films that will be shown in community theaters across the country as a mini-series event.

  • Film must tie into some ocean/marine/aquatic theme or issue (underwater footage not required). Whether your film tells the story of white sharks in South Africa, or a dedicated marine science teacher who has inspired you, we want to hear it.
  • Film must have a driving narrative or message--pretty footage alone won't cut it.
  • Films selected for exhibition must be under 10 minutes in length. We are currently planning various expansion mini-festivals in 2012 which may allow for longer entries, but we really encourage films under 10 minutes.
  • Film must be your original work
  •  A research and/or conservation theme is always encouraged

March 21st - March 24th
Old Dominion University
Norfolk, Virginia