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Burning Man

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Participants in the Burning Man Project are doers.  They are intent on doing something or building something no matter how bizarre or outlandish it may be.  Is this theater? I think so.  Maybe not in the traditional sense.  The entire event is a celebration.

Burning Man 2011 just wrapped up this weekend in Nevada's Black Rock Desert leaving no trace that they have been there.  Part work and part play, participants put on shows, build buildings, and erect sculptures celebrating self-expression and self-reliance.  In the end it's all torn down and moved  out leaving the desert as it was found.  

No commercialism here.  You won't see any ad campaigns, logos, or brand names.  There are few things that you can purchase beyond  ice and coffee. You must bring your own water.  Burners have to rely on each other.  Getting around  on the playa (Spanish for the beach) consists of bicycles and mutant vehicles which are as much art as they are transportation.

100% participant staffed and funded. There is no "they" at this event, only "us." No one will clean up your mess, you must do it.  Again self-reliance for those who like to "do...."