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Casting Call for Vampires: Rise of the Fallen

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Illustration in Carmilla, Joseph Sheridan Le F...

Public Domain Image by David Henry Friston via Wikipedia

Hellfire Club Studio is accepting video submissions for Vampires: Rise of the Fallen to begin filming in April.

"Michelle is a typical high school student until one night she is bitten by a strange animal while running in the woods. Her best friend tries to help her understand the changes she's going through, as she becomes a Vampire. Challenged by immortality and hunted by a group obsessed with fulfilling a prophecy about the end times, Michelle finds solace in a brood of Vampires whom she can't figure out if they are trying to help her or kill her. The fight is on! Will it be Immortality or Humanity? Tonight the destiny of one of these races will change forever."

  • Michelle Tueur - Female, 16-18, She is turning into a vampire.
  • Maxwell Tueur - Male, 39-45, Michelle's father.
  • Halley Stone - Female, 16-18. Bitch cheerleader who craves popularity.
  • Paul "Pens" Parish - Male, 16-18, Outcast artist.
  • Brent McCoy - Male, 16-18, All American football star and Halley's boyfriend
  • Maximus Thorsson - Male, 30-39, Extremely built on thousand year old Norse vampire.
  • Amy Tueur - Female, 10-13, Sister of Michelle.
  • Scarlett - Female, 25-31, Very fit 800 year old vampire who accidentally bites Michelle.
  • Monique - Female, 25-31, Fit 500 year old vampire who is Maximus's ally and bodygaurd.
  • Wolf - Male, 23-28, Attractive and well built. Scarlett's closest friend.
  • Justice - Male, 27-40, Vampire fighting for his kind.
  • Abby - Female, 20-28, New vampire dealing with the change.
  • Karma - Female, 24-35, Was a witch before becoming a vampire.
  • Priest - Male, 35-45, Former Catholic Priest. Now a vampire hunter.
  • Kendo - Male, 26-35, Martial arts master and vampire hunter.
  • Emily - Female, 25-35, Master archer and vampire hunter.
  • Bear - Male, 35-41, Large man over 6 feet and vampire hunter.
  • Devlin Tueur - Male, 30-42, Second in command for the hunters.
  • Jade - Female, 25-34, A hunter with a dark past.
  • Master Vamp - Male or Female, 35-45, As evil as they come with a plan to end humanity forever.
  • All roles for any ethnic background.
  • More information on Roles

  • Submit video of a 1 minute monologue.
  • Include headshot, resume' and contact information.
  • Submissions due by January 25th.

Email video and information listed above to:

More information at: