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Casting Call: I Hope You Dance - Greenville, SC

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Trailer Park Forest Grove, Saskatoon

Image by SriMesh via Wikipedia

I Hope You Dance, written and directed by KT Terry of Seneca, South Carolina is holding auditions for the film which will be shot in South Carolina's upstate region. 

"Victor seems to have it all together - good looks, his own brand and marketing company, and life in L.A. But appearances can be deceiving, because in reality, he's broke, living out of his van, $93,000 in debt and still looking for the ever-elusive purpose of his life."

  • Victor Clay: 29-34 year old white male.  A dreamer forced to move back to the trailer park he grew up in.
  • Pop: 60 year old black male: Trailer park manager.
  • Hope Stevens: 24-29 year old white female. Was engaged to Victor before he left town.
  • Curt Stevens: 18-23 year old white male.  A painter with cerebral palsy who depends on his sister,who he lives with in the trailer park.
  • Shamus Clay: 31-36 year old white male. An alcoholic and thief who sets a bad example for his wife and child.
  • Jeana Clay: 31-36 year old white female.  Shamus' wife who is considering divorcing him.
  • Shay Clay: 10-27 year old white female.  Innocent little girl caught in the middle of her parent's fighting.
  • Da'rell: 35-40 black male. Hard life of closed doors and missed opportunities that lives alone at the trailer park.
  • Harry Katashi: 35-40 year old Japanese male. Second generation American chasing the American dream.
  • Kiku Katashi: 35-40 year old Japanese female.  Harry's wife. Her Japanese heritage is very important to her and she misses her family and wants to return to Japan.
  • Trevor Jenkins: 32-37 white male.  Successful congressional candidate who is Victor's childhood nemesis.

Audition Information:
  • Send current headshot.
  • Send resume' and contact information.
  • Include link to your video reel.
  • Submission deadline: January 24th, 2012
  • You must be available May through June for filming.

Send the information above to:

You can also submit through: