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Casting Call: Office Seekers - Richmond Virginia

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Director Steven Spielberg speaking at the Pent...

Steven Spielberg (Public Domain Image via Wikipedia)

Casting call for Office Seekers which is the working title for the film Lincoln by Steven Spielberg.  This is a Civil War era feature film. 

  • This casting call for African American actors only.
  • Weathered character faces.
  • Those that can handle a speaking role in major motion picture.
  • African American male actors 20-80 years old.
  • African American femail actors 30-80 years old.

Application Checklist:
  • Name
  • City and State:
  • For men only: facial hair status and/or willingness to grow:
  • Whether you are willing to be a Richmond local hire or not (please answer YES or NO):
  • Phone number:
  • Height:
  • Weight:
  • Age or age range:
  • Union status (SAG or not):
  • Availability to audition Sunday, September 25th in Richmond (Yes or No):
  • Availability to audition the week of September 26th in Richmond (days/time avail):
  • Agent, if any (Please note that Erica Arvold is NOT an agent, she is a Casting Director and does not represent ANY actors):
  • Agent's phone number and email address, if applicable.

Submit your information ASAP! 

*** Put the following in the subject line of your email message. ***
First and last name, Gender (M or F), Age or Age Range

For example:
John Smith, M, 63
Jane Smith, F, 40's

Send photo and resume' with the information listed above to:

Copy resume' into body of email message if possible.  Don't worry about formatting.