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Casting Call: One If By Land - Virginia

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The Midnight Ride of Paul Revere

Paul Revere's Ride (Public Domain Image via Wikipedia)

Charlotte Hornsby, a native off Charlottesville, Virginia is looking for actors to be in her student film One If By Land.  Filming will be in the Charlottesville and Williamsburg areas September 8th through 15th.

This is a senior thesis project for Charlotte and is a story about an aspiring historical reenactor  and his beleaguered family.  These are unpaid parts but give you a chance to appear in a New York University short film.  The roles will take one or two days of rehearsal and one day of shooting.


VIVIAN DOE (late 30s early 40s): Vivian is an overworked and sleep-deprived mom who feels all the logistics of child-raising have fallen to her. Her husband has a hard time keeping appointments and admitting when he's forgotten and Vivian feels she has to take on more than her share or nothing will get done. The scene follows Vivian as she leaves in the middle of her pilates class because Benton has forgotten to pick their son up from school.

PAT BELYLE (mid-late 40s): Pat is the head of community relations at the Williamsburg Visitor's Center. He has the social ease and courteous vocabulary of a successful administrator. He's an accessible and fairly down-to-earth man, but his practicality is his best asset and he has a tough time sympathizing with emotional clients.

BUS DRIVER (40s-50s): Male or female, this seasoned school bus driver is ready to weather anything. Though the driver has a tough exterior and sometimes intimidates kids with his/her gruff attitude, he/she takes pity on the main character when no one shows up for his class's field trip.

There is a Kickstarter campaign started to help raise funds for moving the crew and equiptment from New York to Virginia and other production costs.  Check out the campaign at:

 To apply for role send photo, resume', and contact information to: