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Casting Call: "Psycho Beach Party" - Hoboken, NJ

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Auditions will be held for "Psycho Beach Party" on Monday and Tuesday in Hoboken.

Roles for 5 males and 6 females.  Age range early 20s and up.

Character Breakdown

- (may be played by either male or female) She is eager, perky, 
marches to her own drum (and the voices in her head)

Mrs. Forrest - Chicklet's mom, All about appearances but is hiding a deep, dark 
secret, think Faye Dunaway in Mommie Dearest.

Yo Yo - one of the young stud surfers of Malibu Beach. Fit and looks good in a 
bathing suit. Comfortable with his sexuality but not yet open about it.

Provoloney - Fit and looks good in a bathing suit, another surfer. He is also a 
wanna be screenwriter with big ideas and a secret crush on Yo Yo.

Star Cat - The best looking stud on the beach, a bit of an intellectual but with a 
yen to shoot the curl and hang ten.

Kanaka - The King of the Surfers, a bit older than the other guys, great build and 
proud of the hair on his chest. Has followed the surf from Bali to Hawaii and 
everywhere in between.

Berdine - a real egghead and Chicklet's best friend. An introvert and hopeless 
nerd, but with an inner chutzpah.

Marvel Ann - (may be played by either male or female) Prettiest and easiest girl 
in Malibu. Always on the prowl and doesn't care who she tramples over to get her 

Bettina Barnes - A poor-man's Marilyn Monroe/Ann Margaret. Glamorous starlet 
who is determined not to let others determined her true potential.

Dee Dee - a sexy girl/beach bunny who works at Augie's Hot Dog Stand

Nicky- Good-looking surfer/heartthrob - also works at Augie's.

Non-equity/non-pay but a small stipend for travel will be available.

Monday, May 2 at 7:00pm and Tuesday May 3 at 7:00pm

Monroe Center For The Arts
Studio C413, Fourth Floor
720 Monroe Street
Hoboken, NJ

Audition Information: