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Catherine Allen does Film and Fashion

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Catherine Allen is an actor and sometimes producer from Rock Hill, South Carolina that has her sights set on LA.  Currently she has been working on two projects, one as an actor. The other as producer and assistant to the subject of a documentary about a fashion designer where she follows him to New York Fashion Week.  The designer is Luis Machicao.  This role should come natural to her as she is also his assistant when not filming.

Secrets in the Fall is her next movie and is scheduled to begin filming in Hendersonville, North Carolina this fall.  Produced by Every New Day Pictures it is about high school students that go on a church retreat together and the drama they face.

Check out Catherine in the short film below.  Gone For The Day directed by MJ Slide.  Filmed in Travelers Rest, South Carolina.

First, what are you currently working on and what's coming up next.

I am producing and starring in a documentary following a fashion designer to New York Fashion Week. Next I have a lead role in a film, Secrets in the Fall...a sequel to Secrets in the Snow which we filmed last year...that will be filming in October

What role will you be playing in the documentary?

Well I am the assistant to the fashion designer in real kind of assisting him and kind of hosting it.  Interviewing him and others about him.

What is the name of the fashion designer you'll be following in the documentary?

Luis Machicao

How long have you worked with Luis?

Since January 2012

I see. That sounds like it will be interesting. Tell me about Secrets in the Snow and Secrets in the Fall. What are they about?

"Secrets" are Christian, family friendly movies with a production company based in Raleigh, NC. Secrets in the Snow is like a Christian Breakfast Club..where teens get locked in a school because of a blizzard and they all become friends. I played the younger sister to the lead..Secrets in the Fall is where the high schoolers go on a church retreat and face the drama of being in high school

You mentioned that you would be going to Los Angeles. in January. Do you have anything lined up?

Not right away...but I have an agent and a manager out there. So hopefully I can start working right away.

Sounds like you've already got plenty to keep you busy. How did you get interested in film?  Do you prefer producing or acting?

Well I have been an actor since I was 8 yrs old. Then freshman year I started professionally. I love acting.  Producing is stressful!  Haha

Well good luck with producing and acting in the same film.

Thank you!

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