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Child Actors - Don't do it for the money!

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Image by M@rg via Flickr

Considering allowing you child become a paid actor?  Make sure it's for the right reason.  Most child actors don't make very much money.  If the child is genuinely interested in acting and has a desire to learn, it can be a good thing.  

.It has it's costs too.  Headshots and acting classes aren't cheap.   If your child likes to act and you can support them in their interest the benefits can make it worthwhile.  Acting can help round them out intellectually, emotionally, and prepare them for situations later in life.  Just don't overdo it.

Read this article by Sarah Lindenfeld Hall that has a video of Terri Dollar of Kids Unlimited Talent Agency in Raleigh, North Carolina speaking about the subject.  Terri gives some good advice on what to expect and what to watch out for when your child becomes involved in acting.