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Christopher and Kayli Tolleson: A Family Affair

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ChristopherKayli.jpgKayli and Christopher Tolleson may not be old enough to drive, but they are driven!  This brother and sister are prepared to take the acting world by storm!   Kayli, after hitting the scene about 3 years ago, has been in one thing after another. Which of course makes Mom and Dad very happy, but also sends them into planning-mode. Taking care of the details.

With one gig here, another there, these kids are quickly making it known, we're here, we're amazing, and you're going to love us! 

In this interview, the whole family opens up about what it takes to get started in the film/print/stage industry at a young age. Dave and Janna explain what it takes for parents to make their child's dream happen, and also keep that special bond that is family. It is very clear from the time I spent with them, this family means show business!


Special Thanks to

The Tolleson Family
Janna and Dave

Kayli and Christopher are both represented by
Beverly Brock, Agent

Tim Vogel
Scenes from The Factory Lesson

Henry Ceiro
Scenes from Wake of Redemption

Jordan Kennedy
Zachary Davenport
for scenes from Things are for Stealing.

Tarik Freitekh
for scenes from Heaven.