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Documentary: Blood Brother

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English: India. Area controlled by India in da...

 (Photo credit: Ssolbergj via Wikipedia)

Blood Brother is a love story but maybe not in the way you expect.  Your best friend, children under your care, and finally... wife.    Steve Hoover directed this documentary about his friend Rocky Braat who went to to India and fell in love with it and the people, and most importantly, the children of a mission for HIV infected children.

The trailer below will give you a sense of what the experience was like for Steve seeing how his friend adapted to the joys and the ordeals that were presented to him in this village so distant from what we're used to.

Blood Brother won both the U.S. Grand Jury Prize and the Audience Award at the Sundance Film Festival in 2013.  Below is an interview with Steve on Bring Your Own Doc hosted by Ondi Timoner about how the film was made.