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DRAG HIM OUT! First Trailer

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Drag Him Out!.jpgDRAG HIM OUT! is a film project in development written by Chase Kliber.  It is being produced by him and his partner Jesse Kale with Chase directing.  Both are products of the University of North Carolina school system and have been working on various productions throughout the state.

Filming  began last December in Wilmington, NC.  Two of the roles were cast with Charlotte's Paul Gibson playing the part of the bounty hunter and Zach Hanner of Wilmington who is the hunted man.  It is a story set in shadows that uses situations where the lighting reveals clues about what is happening in the story.  Sounds interesting and exciting!

A fundraiser was started at Indiegogo.com to help finance the production that involves blocking off a street, paying policemen to maintain order, costumes, street sweeper, safety expert, prop guns and blank ammo, in addition to an insurance policy to cover any sort of mayhem that may occur.  

Check out promo for the film and the interview with Chase and Jesse below then go on to Indiegogo.com to see what they have to offer anyone that helps them with this movie.


DRAG HIM OUT! -- Fundraiser Video. from Chase Kliber on Vimeo.

First Trailer

The following is from an interview we did last year.

Tell me about how DRAG HIM OUT! came about. Chase Kliber:   DRAG HIM OUT!
Chase Kliburn (Photo by Tripp Green)
  Chase Kliburn (Photo by Tripp Green)
came, at first, as a response to the sort of projects I had been associated with in the film studies program at UNC Wilmington. With a background in theatre, I was often herded towards performance-based dramatic shorts that lacked in originality or visual punch. Coming to a close of my time as a student, I began to wonder about the possibilities afforded to me as a filmmaker unbound by the university system.

This project began then as an experiment; namely, a short film that delighted in shadow and relied on a series of environment-based lighting gags to reveal key information. Influenced very much by the visual style of Cowboy Bebop, the original idea focused on two bounty hunters who waited in a darkened alley as their target lurked in a crumbling tenement opposite their position. Through the use of lighters, headlights, and gunshots, we saw a third hunter attempt to enter the building -- much to his later regret.

Shortly after having the idea I graduated (in May, 2011) and went to work in the art department on Season 1 of Showtime's prizehorse series, Homeland. I passed 6 months in this manner, and as the show began to wrap I decided to expand the base concept of this film into a three-act narrative short. What resulted is the film as we know it today - albeit some six revisions removed - which we attempted to film in late 2011 but were unable to execute in the small window available to us.

I then joined the art department of the Wilmington-based Iron Man 3, and throughout the run of the show have been frontloading my efforts for a second pass at DRAG HIM OUT! We have now just launched our fundraising campaign, and with the support of the Wilmington film community (especially the emergent Dirt Poor Filmmaker's Festival), we are staring down the barrel of an intensive 4-night shoot in mid-December, 2012.

In order to complete my vision for the project, we will be required to cordon-off a downtown street, secure a sweeper machine as a key set piece, and turn an abandoned warehouse into a labyrinthine shooting gallery for a small arsenal of muzzle-firing blank weaponry. While we have a tremendous crew base to help us navigate the many challenges of such a shoot, we are looking for support from film enthusiasts, investors, and philanthropists-at-large to help us amass the necessary funds to bring us into production.

Why did you choose Indiegogo for funding this production?  

Chase Kliber:  The initial impetus for us to really consider Indiegogo was the 'flexible' funding campaign option. Since we had had a rough time last year with our all-or-nothing Kickstarter campaign, it seemed reasonable for us to try and do something different. I began following projects on Indiegogo and I ended up liking a lot of the content, the scope, and the variety of things that I saw. So we kinda set our hearts on that site for those two reasons. It wasn't until recently that we rethought our approach as a flexible funding campaign; we heard from a lot of folks who weren't comfortable giving to a project that could keep their money even if it didn't make enough to result in a finished product.

The truth of DRAG HIM OUT! is that it's going to take more money beyond the $10,000 we're hoping to raise to get the movie made. We're going to be going out of pocket even if we reach our goal, and we're not in a position to cover these additional costs and the difference of a partially-funded campaign. We chose a fixed-funding approach to better represent the urgency of our funding goals and the needs of the project.

Jesse, tell me about what you will be doing on this movie.

Jesse Kale (Photo by Taylor Yakowenko
  Jesse Kale (Photo by Taylor Yakowenko)
Jesse Kale: I'll be involved by doing anything and everything to get this short made. I came to Wilmington, NC to start my college career because of the film history surrounding the area, and I always had the intention of putting my own stamp on the community. If that means I have to start that with producing a noir action short then that is as great a start as any. Chase had began work on DRAG HIM OUT! as far back as last year, so most of the paperwork and planning is done. So, my duties will be to pick up any slack, and to push this project along to get it noticed and whispered into everyones ear to get the Indiegogo page to reach its goal. During production I will be working just as hard as everyone else on set. So I'll likely be seen running around set getting things done here and there and documenting the whole process with photos and videos for a behind the scenes look of all our hard work.

Have the roles already been cast?

Chase Kliber: Of the four roles, two have been reclaimed by the cast from last year's attempt.

Our main hunter will be played by Paul Gibson, a charismatic character actor who drove in from Charlotte to audition because he liked what the role had to offer. He was the last guy to come in, and my reader had just left, so we ended up sitting across from each other in chairs and running through the sides a few times over. He'd picked up on the style hints I'd put in the casting call and did his research, so when he came in he was able to give me a close approximation of what I wanted from the character while still maintaining an easy versatility that allowed him to take direction and adjust the performance as requested.

The hunted man will be played by established Wilmington actor Zach Hanner, whom I saw in a spec production of Blue Velvet: The Musical at the Cucalorus Film Festival. He had such a strong presence that I spent the rest of the festival trying to find him so I could offer him the part. I was still writing the script at the time, and having an actor attached opened a lot of doors for that character beyond what the exposition and action required.

The other two roles, that of the police official who orchestrates the assassination and the young gunman who gets caught in the crossfire, are currently being sought. Casting decisions should be made by early November and will appear in an update on our Indiegogo campaign.

Alley (Photo By Chase Kliber).JPG
Tell me about your roots before attending school in North Carolina.  Are you originally from the Carolinas?  Also, where has filmmaking taken you besides Charlotte and Wilmington?

Jesse Kale: I was born in High Point, NC, lived at Ocean Isle Beach, but spent most of my life living in the Hickory area of Catawba County. So, yes, I was born and raised in the Carolinas, same as my favorite drink, Cheerwine. Because I'm still in University, I haven't had much time to travel to work. I've certainly tried, but the movie business is tricky, and even though you have a lot of passion for a project, it doesn't mean you'll always get the job. Thanks to the Internet I've gotten to work on various projects with different people. I worked with the company Instinctive Film, makers of films like The Bang Bang Club, and most recently The Divide, by doing social media work for them. They're a German based company, but I've worked with them to help advertise projects like The Divide and Errors of the Human Body through Facebook.

Recently I've been branching out in order to get my foot in the door of the industry. So, I've helped produce films like Rewind This! and That Guy Dick Miller on Kickstarter, and I'll be going out to L.A soon to do an interview for That Guy Dick Miller. In November I'll be in Asheville to co-direct a short film, and hopefully starting my first feature documentary in Sunset Beach depending on how well my proposal goes. But I love North Carolina and hope to work more in the area, either from working with Chase, or from others reaching out to me to help them.

Chase Kliber:  Excluding my early childhood years in Buffalo, NY, I have been a longtime resident of North Carolina. Charlotte has been, and will continue to be,  home base for me, although my travels have allowed me to spend ample time in Asheville and Wilmington, with a short stint on a low budget crime thriller (shot as Witness Insecurity and released as Snitch) outside of Concord. I was lucky to find an excellent subject in Charlotte for my short doc Laugh, And Love Life, and was also part of a video installation at the Charlotte-based Light Factory that took us to New Orleans in 2007 to capture the aftermath of hurricane Katrina. I very much enjoy living in North Carolina, but I always have my eyes out for opportunity, and I will go wherever the work takes me. I'm really hoping that my time on Iron Man has opened doors for me on other big productions, both here and in LA.

Thank you gentlemen.  Looking forward to seeing DRAG HIM OUT!  Keep us informed and good luck with your fundraising campaign.

To learn more about the producers go to:

Jesse Kale

Chase Kliber

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