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Extras and Crew Needed for You're Perfect - Charlotte, NC / Rock Hill, SC

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You're Perfect  is a 15-minute short being filmed in Charlotte, NC and Rock Hill, NC. Pre-Production will start immediately and principal photography will take place on January 28, 2012 in Charlotte, NC and February 4, 2012 in Rock Hill, SC. This is a very small production with no monetary compensation; all work will be credited on the final copy of the film, website, social media sites, etc. We have a very tight schedule for this project which requires the following availability:

January 27 (evening)

January 28 (all day)

January 29 (tentative)

February 4 (evening)

February 5 (tentative)


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We need a bunch of extras for a scene we will be filming on February 4, 2012 starting at 4PM. This scene will be filmed at The Money located at 110 S. Cherry Rd. in Rock Hill. Please visit our casting page if you're interested.

The following crew and description of duties are outlined below:

Script Supervisor

During pre-production you will be responsible for lining the script, creating breakdown sheets and a stripboard to determine the most advantageous shot order and the shooting schedule. This will be a VERY TIGHT DEADLINE, as all script breakdown tasks will be due by January 21, 2012 (preferably ealier). During production, you will act as a central point for all production information on the film shoot. You will take notes on all the details required to recreate the continuity of a particular scene, location, or action, ensure that continuity errors do not happen, note the duration of every take, etc. Also, you will notate any changes from the script that are made by the actors, director or others during the actual filming process . Lastly, you will be responsible for slating each scene and providing production reports (if any) at the end of the shoot for editing.

Assistant Director

You will track daily progress against the filming production schedule, arrange logistics, prepare call sheets, check-in cast and crew, and maintain order on the set. Also, you willorganize actors as they arrive on the shoot, organize crowd scenes, and ensure all necessary cast and crew are on hand for each scene, including all call-outs for scenes. In general, you will ensure everything and everyone is where they're supposed to be during each scene.  If you are interested please contact Tiburon Rojo Films at info@tiburonrojofilms.com or 980-224-2060. Tiburon Rojo Films s a local, independent film company based in Charlotte, NC.