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GSN This Week

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GSN This Week.jpgSuggest an Event

SoutheastNorth CarolinaCharlestonTheaterEventPassing Strange
Thu 06/05/14 thru Sat 06/28/14
CharlottTheaterEventOther Desert Cities
Thu 04/17/14 thru Sat 05/10/14
CharlotteTheaterEventBlue Man Group
Tue 04/15/14 thru Sun 04/20/14

A casting call will be held this Saturday, March 29th from 10:00 am until 5:00 pm at Jilians,  800 Gervais St., Coumbia S.C.

You must bring a recent photo and a valid ID to the open call.
Tim Ross2.jpg
Professional actor and instructor Tim Ross  will be holding an intensive workshop on audition technique later this month in Raleigh, North Carolina.  Well known for his his work in the Carolinas and shoutheast, Tim's experience ranges from feature length films to commercials and industrial films.  Not to mention his work in theatre as an actor and director.

Tim knows his business and this is a great opportunity to learn how to improve the way you approach an audition and how to increase you chances of getting the role.  Teens and adults will also get the chance to meet with a casting director from a busy production studio in the Raleigh/Durham/Chapel Hill area for a question and answer session.

Audition Technique Workshop with Tim Ross
Saturday, February. 22nd
1401 Edward Mills Road
Raleigh, North Carolina
9:00 am until Noon: Young actors age 8-14, $75.
1:00 pm until 4:00 pm: Teens age 14-19,  $75.
5:00 pm until 9:00 pm: Adults 20 and up, $100.

Call for Extras - Louisville, Kentucky

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Call for extras for the feature length film Produce beginning October 28th.   Filming has already started but they are still acceptiong submissions.

Press Release:

The Story

Louisville Slugger Field, where the Louisville...

Louisville Slugger Field, where the Louisville Bats play. (Photo credit: Rdikeman via Wikipedia)

Produce is a feature-length film about a self-destructive former pro ball player who is given a serious lesson in living life with courage when he befriends a grocery store clerk with Down syndrome.

Our Team

We've been able to put together a small but dedicated group of talented filmmakers who bring great experience from a group of critically acclaimed independent films. Our recent films include: The Lifegaurd (2013 Sundance Film Festival Selection,) and Fruitvale Station (Winner of Grand Jury Prize and Audience Award at the 2013 Sundance Film Festival.) We've also been fortunate to have the support of local filmmaker Gill Holland who has joined our project as a producer also. Gill has an extensive history of producing films but also a reputation for being a community leader. Truly, everyone working on this movie is involved because they believe in the importance of using film to help spread awareness about mental disabilities and tell a story of compassion and faith.

We already have the support from the DSIAM (Down Syndrome in Arts and Media Organization), the Albert Pujols Family Foundation, Down Syndrome of Louisville, Dreams with Wings, Best Buddies - Kentucky, Angels in Disguise and we have avid support from the Mayor of Louisville, Louisville Slugger and the Louisville Bats.

Michael Denny.jpg

Michael Denny is working on  a new animated action series called The Adventures of Red Ball.   Aimed at kids of any age.  At the same time focusing on helping connect autistic children with the world around them.  

"A sporty red ball must bounce high to face the challenges of life as he rolls through his small world discovering adventures and friends around every block."

His company, Servanthood Productions based in Charlotte, North Carolina, will also be developing other animated shows and action series in the future.  He will be needing voice actors from the Carolinas to bring these characters to life.

English: The skyline of Little Rock, Arkansas ...

Little Rock, Arkansas (Photo credit: Matthew Field via Wikipedia)

Anyone in the Little Rock area who wants to be an extra in the feature film Sympathy Pains tomorrow, Sun, July 22nd, please email Will need to be on set from 2:15pm until 10pm.



Tiger Lili.jpg
Tiger Lili is a new screenplay by Brandi Alyssa Young set to become a short film sometime next year. A story about a young woman named Lili Jackson who has endured domestic violence and how she emerges from her troubled past. Produced by Baystar Productions, filming will begin at the end of this year. They are still casting for the male lead and crew members.  

Brandi is an accomplished actor and has several films to her credit as well as theatre, dance, and singing.  See her credits at  Brandi Alyssa Young  She was nominated for Best Performance in a Short Film - Young Actress at the  Young Artist Awards in Los Angeles for her performance in Broken Pieces where she plays an autistic girl.  Brandi also worked on the script and acted in The Silver Key co-written with her mother Sally Young and Patricia Raven.

I talked with Brandi this morning and here's what she had to say about the screenplay.

"It is a short about a girl who has been abused and she finally decides that enough is enough, and she is ultimately the one that can change things. She refuses to be meek and quiet any longer and is determined to make the negative into a positive. So, she makes a decision that sets her on a path that will eventually bring her to her destiny." 

What was her inspiration?  It seems that it came as an idea that was cast aside at a 48 Hour Film Project session. Writing it was a stream of consciousness, if you will, where everything came easily and time flew by..

"A few weeks ago, I was involved with the 48 Hour Film Project again. And this story came from a combination of ideas we had during the brainstorming session.  The screenwriter decided on another path, but I couldn't stop thinking about everything. And I was so inspired, after being up for all that time, drove 3 hours home and I sat down and wrote half of it in 3 hours and then died from exhaustion, then first thing when I awoke wrote for another 3 hours and there was Tiger Lili! It just flowed out of me, one of the easiest stories I have ever written."

Young Falkland Islanders

(Public Domain Photo credit:  Apcbg -Wikipedia)

MTV Networks International is calling for young people for their series What Happened Last Night.

"A new MTV International docu-series wants to follow the journey, trials and tribulations of
young people reaching milestones including the surprising twists and turns that happen during
the adventure."

What they're looking for:
  • Are you ready to get your ex back but your friends don't like him/her?
  • Are you ready to take the relationship to the next level? (i.e: lose 
    virginity, friends to lovers)
  • Have you recently lost weight and you're ready to get back into the 
    dating game?
  • Are you ready to finally meet your cyber fling who you've been in
  • touch with via social media/online chat?
  • Would you be willing to change your look to make your boyfriend/
    girlfriend happy? (from jock to hipster, hipster to preppy or any otherstyle?)

Fred Armisen at the premiere of Baby Mama in N...

Fred Armisen  (Photo credit: David Shankbone - Wikipedia)

Portlandia, a show about the fictional town of Portlandia, Oregon starring Fred Armisen and Carrie Brownstein is looking for extras.

Several actors and musicians have appeared in guest shots as well.

Casting by Simon Max Hill.  Be sure to read "Annoying and not-annoying facts about extra-ing."  It provides helpful information about what to expect if you've never been an extra before.

To submit information online go to:

Actors with headshots and resume's email them to:

Fogg Dam Conservation Reserve which is one of ...

. (Photo credit: Bidgee - Wikipedia)

F.A.M. Entertainment Productions is holding a casting call for Cocoa Rain by Kenneth Mc' Gale weekend. This will be for supporting roles in the movie.  It will be low/no budget but it will give you the opportunity to be listed in IMDb and get some footage for your reel as well as a copy of the movie.  

They do very nice work.  Take a look at the trailer for one of their previous movies Southern Justice at the end of the article.

'This is a drama showcasing the bond of childhood friendship. When Rain Morgan thinks her life can't get any better, she learns that her picture perfect life is anything but. Rain leans on her childhood friendship with Derrick, a boy from "the wrong side of the tracks." The story teaches that love can be unconditional. This drama will make for great footage to anyones reel.'

Looking for:
  • Adult men and women. 22-37 years old.
  • Older men and women. 45-65 years old.
  • Boys and girls.  6-10 years old.

  • Bring recent headshot and resume'.
  • Principal photography will take place July 12th through July 16th.

Jackie Robinson swinging a bat in Dodgers unif...

Jackie Robinson swinging a bat in Dodgers uniform, 1954. (Photo credit:Bob Sandberg (Look Photographer) via Wikipedia)

Catrett Locke Casting will be holding an open call tomorrow for the feature film 42 which is the story about Jackie Robinson signing with the Brooklyn Dodgers.

Harrison Ford will star as Branch Rickey the team executive that signed Robinson with Chadwick Boseman playing the part of Jackie Robinson.

The most important scenes in the movie.  These scenes will tell the story of how much this moment when Jackie Robinson first played  as a member of the Montreal Royals against the Brooklyn Dodgers and how much it meant to African Americans.

  • Experienced extras from Atlanta.
  • African American men and women 18 and up.
  • $65/8 hours + $25 for gas.
  • Include 3 pictures (head and body).
  • Age
  • Weight
  • Contact Information

Skovfogedegen, old hollow oak in Klampenborg, ...

Public Domain Image by Niels Orbesen  via Wikipedia

The Hollow Oak,  a film being produced in Richlands, North Carolina, is holding auditions for actors and extras. The movie is being made by Chris Maney Productions and casting is being handled by Premier Casting.

Types Needed
  • All ethnic types are needed.
  • Age range mostly 17-22 to play high schoolers.
  • Attractive handsome young men as well as pretty boy.
  • Girls - tall, dark hair, pale complexion (7-12)
  • Business professionals (Men)
  • Upscale preppy types.
  • Men with long hair and facial hair.
  • Elderly men and women.
  • Girls - tall, long strawberry blonde/red hair and pale complexion.
  • Typical jock type boys.
  • Female teens with long perfect legs.
  • Casting leads, stand-ins and photo doubles.
  • Supporting, feature roles and extras.

  • Please do not ask about pay or other info on this event! Information will be provided at the casting call.
  • Auditions will be held on June 20th for call backs, so please make sure you're available.
  • Those interested in applying must bring a non returnable, current headshot and resume if you have one.
  • Casting Forms will be available at the casting call.

Claire Daines at MuchMusic, for the program Mu...

Claire Daines  (Photo credit: RobinWong via Wikipedia)

Tona B. Dahlquist Casting needs  extras for Homeland Season 2 on Thursday and Friday.

Homeland  is a Showtime TV drama series starring Claire Danes, Mandy Patinkin, and Damian Lewis 

Characters Needed
  • 1 Lobbyist - Thursday 6/14/12
  • 1 Brody Officer -  Thursday 6/14/12
  • 2 Secret Service  - Friday 6/15/12

  • Filming in Charlotte, North Carolina
  • Don't apply if you can't make early call times which may be as early as 5:30 am.
  • Include appropriate subject line, photo, contact details, and any other requested information.

Put either "Thursday - Lobbyist", "Thursday - Brody Officer" or "Friday - Secret Service" in the subject line and email to:

Public Domain image by Schwangerschaft via wikipedia

Daringly Dull Productions in association with the University of Central Arkansas will be needing about 200 extras for  Sympathy Pains during July and August.

Sympathy Pains is a comedy about a couple that have just become pregnant.  The twist is that Danny, a comedian, is experiencing the morning sickness except whenever he is on stage.  His career begins to take off just when Stephanie needs him most.

Below is the schedule for the type of extras needed:
English: Actor Robert Downey Jr. promoting the...

English: Actor Robert Downey Jr. promoting the film "Iron Man" in Mexico City (Photo credit: emeritano - Wikipedia)

Tona B. Dahlquist Casting is seeking extra for Caged Heat this Thursday and Friday.

Caged Heat is needing extras that can stay up all night.  5:00 pm until 6:00 am. 

Caged Heat is the working title for Iron Man 3 starring Robert Downey Jr,  Gwyneth Paltrow, Ben Kingsley, and Don Cheadle and is currently filming in North Carolina.

Thursday, June 14th and Friday, June 15th.

You must be availble for both days.

Send photo and contact information to:

Put "Thurs/Fri" in the subject line of your email.
Basketball player Larry O'Bannon

(Photo credit: Massimo Finizio via  Wikipedia)

Basketball player needed in New York for a McDonald's spot.  Will be broadcast in Germany only. Filmig will be Saturday, June 16th  in New York City.

  • Non-Union
  • African American Male
  • 22 to 32 Years Old
  • 6'-5" to 7' Tall
  • Athletic Build
  • Basketball Skills
  • Non-Speaking Role
  • $1500  Flat Rate

English: David Cook performing at Toad's Place...

English: David Cook performing at Toad's Place in New Haven, CT (Photo credit: Public Domain by Mysticpurz via Wikipedia)

American Idol Season 12 will be holding auditions soon in Los Angeles, San Antonio, Charlotte, Newark, Chicago, New Orleans, and Oklahoma City.

Los Angeles
Registration: June 5th - 6th
Auditions: June 7th
Dodger Stadium
1000 Elysian Park Avenue
Los Angeles, California

San Antonio
Registration: June 12th - June 13th
Auditions: June 14th
100 Montana St. 
San Antonio, Texas

Registration: June 17th - 18th
Auditions: June 19th
Time Warner Cable Arena
1333 East Trade Street
Charlotte, North Carolina

Republic of Vietnam...Members of U.S. Navy Sea...

(Photo credit: J.D. Randal via Wikipedia)

Casting call for 4 actors to play Seal Team members on Apache Sniper.

Apache Sniper is a movie about Kim Dong, a female sniper who interrogated and tortured U.S. soldiers to death in the Vietnam War.  Karuna Sun will be playing the lead role.

  • You must be dive qualified.
  • Credentials will be checked.

Send headshot, credentials, and resume' to:

My Name is Paul.jpgE. Marcelle Casting, Inc. is having a casting call for My Name is Paul in Charlotte, North Carolina next weekend.

Written and produced by Tara Lynn Marcelle and Vanessa Ore.  Directed by Trey Ore.

Caught between The Way and the World.  
Paul, blinded by hate and intent on 
destruction, is determined to find and k
ill Peter, the enemy of his Leader. However, 
a terrible accident and a 
miraculous discovery take him off course and on a road of 
where he learns to live and love the Way.

FEMALE ROLES (Varying Ages)

CLARE -(7-10). Caucasian. Trusting. Loving. Clare, Priscilla's daughter, has been forced to grow up in a world that is unaccepting of her beliefs, in a world of violence and dissention, but surrounded by loving people who desire her safety and well- being. Though Clare is still a child, she has seen more than most children her age, and is gifted by God with a sense of discernment. She is wise beyond her years. She is non-judgmental, open, and free, and a catalyst towards Paul's inner healing.

LYDIA - (40's-50's). Any ethnicity. Lydia is a member of Priscilla's Camp.
Courageous, with a servant's heart, she is a voice of reason to those who need her.
She fearlessly takes Priscilla's daughter, Clare, into hiding when asked.

ASSASSINS--1-2 NEEDED- (20-40's). Any ethnicity. Tough. Menacing. These
assassins may double in other scenes, as well. These women serve the New World
Order. Tough as nails, but attractive, mysterious. They kick butt. One of these
women will be in the scene where Paul is apprehended. 1-3 scenes. Lines.

CRIPPLED WOMAN - (20-40). Any ethnicity. She is a prisoner in Corrintine Prison
Camp. The guards knock her down and Paul prays for her. She is healed and realizes
Paul is now one of the Way. 1 scene.

WEATHERED WOMAN - (65-75). Any ethnicity. She is the one who tells Kain that
the man preaching is in fact, Paul. 1 scene.

PARTY GIRL - (20's.). Any ethnicity. Female. Cute. She is one of the young women
who frequent the Government parties. She takes safety in her beauty and loyalty to
whomever she sees as powerful. 1 scene.

GEMMA - (20-30). Any ethnicity. Gemma is the Supreme Leader's secretary, but
more like the 'eye-candy' of the office. Attractive and sexy, she is at the call of any
government official who needs her. She supplies Paul with his gun at his important
meeting with the Senator. 2 scenes.

TIMOTHY'S PARENTS - (30's). Male and Female. Any ethnicity. Though they are

only in two scenes, Timothy's parents are introduced as loyal followers to the Way
and devoted parents of their children, who end up slaughtered in their own home,
by the Government for their beliefs and support of Paul. 1 scene. No lines, but must
convey emotion and fear.

TIMOTHY'S SISTER - (10-14). Any ethnicity. Though she is only in two scenes,
Timothy's sister is introduced as a loyal follower to the Way and to her family, who
end up slaughtered in their own home, by the Government for their beliefs and
support of Paul. She has a moment with Timothy before death where she confides
in him she is scared. 1 scene.

WOMAN'S VOICE - *V.O. only. This is a distinct sounding voice used to broadcast
important information over a city-wide intercom system.

Amish couple in a horse-drawn buggy in rural H...

(Photo credit: Matthew Trump via Wikipedia)

Tona B. Dahlquist Casting needs  extras that can play teens for Banshee at the end of this month..

Banshee is about an ex-con and martial arts expert posing as a small town's murdered sheriff in Pennsylvania's Amish Country.  A T.V. series produced by Cinemax scheduled to debut next year.

Characters Needed
  • Male and Female
  • 18-20 years old that can portray younger teens for filming.
  • Must be 18 or older.

  • Filming in and around Charlotte, North Carolina.
  • Tentatively needed for May 30th and 31st.
  • A few may be needed for June 1st.
  • Don't apply if you can't make early call times which may be as early as 5:30 am.
  • Send current photo, age, city and state you live in.
  • Put "Teen Scene" in the subject line.
  • Email to: