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Harvey Lowry2.jpgThe director of Union Bound, Harvey Lowry, is an active man who's years of work in the film industry betray his youthful appearance. I found that we share a common love for the outdoors and backpacking. Harvey revealed to me he was planning an ascent of Mt. McKinley. Being at home in the outdoors must have come in handy during the making of this movie as only one day was spent on a soundstage. The rest were outside, mostly around Stagville Plantation in the heat of the North Carolina summer with the ticks, flies, and other wildlife.

It was even worse for the actors as they had on layered wool and cotton clothing. At least one crew member had to go to the hospital after collapsing on set.

That's the price you pay when you have a good story to tell. Union Bound is one of them.  The movie got its start from diaries kept by Joseph Hoover during the Civil War. Pam Jay, a descendant of Joseph approached Michael Davis, the producer of Union Bound, with the diaries. Her husband Bill had painstakingly transcribed them so they could easily be read. After looking over them Michael knew this was a story he wanted to tell so he contacted John Errington to write the screenplay and Harvey to direct. The rest, as they say, is history.

I wanted to know more about how Harvey got involved. Here is what told me. "When considering a film to direct, I consider a number of things. First, everything starts with a good script. When I read the Union Bound script, I was really impressed with the story, the characters, the dialogue and the fact that it was all a true story. John did a wonderful job in writing the script.

The second thing to consider is the team. When I was first introduced to Michael, the producer, we hit it off pretty well. He's a great guy who was passionate about the project and I felt it in his pitch. It was an easy decision to collaborate with him.

Other points to consider include: Is this a film I would want to see? Is this a project I would be proud of? Is this a film in line with my moral beliefs? There are a multitude of things to consider, and I was very excited that Union Bound was an easy decision across the board."


Death & The Robot

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Death & The Robot is a stop-motion animated film directed by  Austin Taylor  and written by Austin and Alex Thompson.

Made at the University of North Carolina School of the Arts on a very tight budget ($1,500) it involves 2D animation and CGI as well as the actual stop-motion figures used in the production.

"The film takes place on a world where there is no longer any life - just an endless sea of graves - and a personification of Death has grown terribly bored without any more life to take. When she (yes, Death is a "she" in the film's world) meets a hapless steam-powered Robot who has been secretly sustaining an underground greenhouse for centuries, an unlikely friendship emerges between them - but at a severe cost..."  - Alex Thompson 

Worldly Possessions

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Worldly Possessions is the latest short film written and produced by Brad Hord along with Executive Producer Darren Conrad; Producers: Adam Ginsberg, Elsie Martinez Ginsberg, James Morales, Robert Filion, and Linda H Parks; and  Associate Producers: Jesse H. Knight and Jason Ledford.

The action, directed by Robert Filion, centers around Stephen Drake who is played by Tim Ross, an adept actor who is becoming very popular here in the southeast.  Stephen, who has a few demons of his own, must stop demons from entering our world.  A murder brings him back to his hometown. Detective Michelle Ryan (Morgan Monnig) is somehow changed by this experience.

I don't know much more as I haven't seem the movie yet. With this team you can bet that it will be a great film. Premiering  on October 11th in Shelby, North Carolina at The Don Gibson Theatre.  A fitting place since the movie was filmed in Shelby. 

I understand that Robert Filion had the style of Stanley Kubrick in mind as he was directing and filming the scenes.  I'm a big Kubrick fan so I'm glad no spoilers have been given away.  I want to enjoy, and discover this film as it comes, beginning to end.

Meet THE iNDEE: Russ Willey

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Russ Willey.jpg
Russ Willey Photo Credit: David Superville
In continuing the Meet The iNDEE series, we spotlight Russ Willey.

What are your hobbies/pastimes outside of work?

Watching movies, playing with my son and taking pictures 

How did you know you wanted to be a writer/director/work on set ? 

Doing a play in junior high I fell in love with acting,

What is one thing you think most people don't know about you? 

That I studied martial arts for 34 yrs, at one time I was homeless, and I'm living proof that organ donation works. I'm a two time kidney transplant recipient.


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A Place Called Home Banner.jpg

A Place Called Home is a short film written by Kayla McBrayer and directed by Angel Defreitas that deals with domestic abuse.  It could be your neighbor or best friend that is having to deal with this injustice and you might never be aware of it because it is accepted and not talked about outside of the family.

The narrative is from the children's perspective as seen through the eyes of the oldest daughter and how abuse can affect the whole family.

Starring Kayla McBrayer, Rhonda Lynn Jones, Chris Matheny, and Payton Stover.  Crew members include Angel Defreitas as director; Hanna Stover, Kayleigh Stover, and Ella Grace Misenheimer on makeup with Derek Miller and Derek Jones on audio.  Catherine Hester was the photographer and Kimberly Brouillette designed the poster.

A Place Called Home - Cast & Crew by Cahterine Hester.jpgA Place Called Home - Cast & Crew by Cahterine Hester Top row: Kayleigh Stover, Angel Defreitas, Rhonda Lynn Jones with her daughter Ashley, Chris Matheny, Kayla McBrayer with Payton Stover, and Ella Grace Misenheimer. Bottom row: Hanna Stover, Kimberley Broullette, and Derek Jones.

Check out the interview below to find out what Kayla and Angel had to say about the film and their experiences as filmmakers.


Full Poster(1).png
Enjoy a night out with a great tongue in cheek comedy featuring a collection of stars from the Carolinas.

The Strange and Unusual was filmed primarily in Chester, South Carolina by filmmakers local to Rock Hill and Carolina actors.  This is a great opportunity to view the work of our neighbors and observe the talent we have right here at home.  There will also be a Q&A session with the filmmakers following the presentation.

The Underexposed Film Series is presented by The Arts Council of York County.

For Tickets:
The Strange and Unusual
Friday, June 13th - 7:30 pm
Community Performance Center
249 East Main Street
Rock Hill, South Carolina

Nowhere Premiere

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Last night was the night for the cast and crew of Nowhere to shine, along with their guests. And shine they did!

Everyone enjoyed the thought provoking movie which shows just how good an independent film can be. Watch out Hollywood!

As Stefon might say 'This film has it all. Drinking, dancing, gambling, two sisters, one who loved Bennie, one who married him... and a boat.'  He'd be right.

Written and directed by Tara Lynn Marcelle this is a comedy with a bit of drama mixed in.  Loosely based on Tara's actual grandmothers Pearl and Josephine, and Josephine's  boyfriend at that time who's name was Bennie.

Having grown up in a filmmaking family Tara became interested in the business as a young girl because she was often around while her parents were working.  Reading scripts and learning about films her parents pointed out to her.  Besides directing and acting she has been writing for the past few years, working on projects such as My Name Is Paul, The Calm Before, and Virtuous.

In this film, if you are like me, you will see in these characters pieces of people you have known as well as situations you have observed or been a part of.  This connection makes it easy to enjoy!

Warren Marcus brilliantly caught the action with an actual film camera which in unusual nowadays with digital cameras being so prevalent for local productions.  Gregory Hewitt was makeup supervisor, Phaedra Witt production supervisor, and Luis Carlos Machicao wardrobe supervisor.
Bennie is a 35 minute short that is due to be released this summer.  A feature length version is slated to be made depending on how it does during it's festival run.  I think the chances are good we will see that feature length version as soon as Tara, busy as she is, finds the time to write the rest of the script.

Check out the trailer below and the interview we had with some of the cast and crew.

Worldly Possessions

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Worldly Possessions is a new film written by Brad Hord and being directed by Robert Filion.

This is the second time this pair has worked together.  Previously they made a film call Mosaic 33 which is a science fiction tale of a woman who decides to reveal information to a reporter about what is going on in the Mosaic lab she works in.  It has been doing very well on the film festival circuit.

Shelby, North Carolina and the surrounding area has been chosen as the city to film Worldly Possessions in and one of the locations picked was also used in the movie Hunger Games.
Candace Blanchard
Brad Hord  Writer/Producer of Worldly Possessions

"I am very proud to be the Executive Producer on Brad's new vision!  The cast is brilliant and Director Robert W. Filion is at the top of his game!  I put my money on the best... and these guys are rocking it! Worldly Possessions is a Win Win!" - Darren Conrad Executive Producer

An excellent cast has been assembled and filming begins mid April.

Below are some of the cast and crew followed by a conversation I had With Brad Hord and Tim Ross about the film.

Detective Jack Gibson attempts to solve a string of murders related to an experiment substance called "X5".

What makes this film different is that it will feature, along with live action, pixel art reminiscent of 80's video games like Mortal Kombat and Snatcher.


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performing with Dreamkiller

Christy Johnson by Mo.jpg
Photo Credit:  Courtesy Mo at  One Big Dark Room

The Hollow Oak

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The Hollow Oak 4.jpg
Chris Maney has a lot of responsibility on his shoulders.  To whom?   The supporters, cast, and crew of The Hollow Oak a feature film set to be released this coming summer and they are behind him 100%. 

It started as an idea he had in high school and has developed into the production that now has been underway for over a year.   Along the way he met up with Samantha Katelyn and they have built a great filmmaking team that has their focus on the prize.  To finish this thriller for release by the summer of next year.

"I held an audition in Jacksonville back in 2010. I wanted to make a movie for fun. Nothing fancy...

But I had met Samantha. She convinced me I could do so much more with The Hollow Oak. And we have been at it ever since." - Chris Maney

This production has come a long way since the first audition in 2010. Some roles have been re-cast and a lot of effort has been put forth in scouting locations, blocking scenes, setting up and tearing down equipment, not to mention the editing and sound design.

The Strange and Unusual

logo.jpgI can't wait to see this movie!   The Strange and Unusual is a comedy about a reality series gone awry.  Written and directed by Anil Dhokai and brought to us by VisionScape Media.

The Strange and Unusual has just begun filming.  What will we see when it's complete?  The cast and crew of a cancelled reality TV series with one last episode left to shoot.  What goes on behind the scenes and the personalities that one might encounter in a similar television production.  Anil, has worked in these situations and is bringing some of the strange and unusual things he's seen to this film.

One of the principals of Strawhouse Pictures, Anil always knows that his partners have his back and can help him put together the pieces of the puzzle for a great production just as he does for their films.

Anil, Brian, Micah.JPG

The Perfect Place

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The Perfect Place 1.jpg

There's a lot of talent here in the southeast.  There's also some mighty big hearts in the Carolinas.  A few of them are the producers, cast, and crew of The Perfect Place.  

Written by Taylor-Grace Davis and Patrick Elliott the movie is inspired by Taylor-Grace's work with the Frederick Douglass Family Foundation.  This organization, formed by Nettie Washington Douglass and her adult children, exists to carry on the tradition of her ancestors, Fredrick Douglass and Booker T. Washington.  By creating awareness that slavery and human trafficking is still going on today, she and her family are following in their footsteps.  Her son, Kenneth B. Morris, president of the foundation, travels the U.S. and abroad spreading the message about human trafficking and what can be done about it.

Things Are For Stealing

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Things are for Stealing poster.jpgThings Are For Stealing. Are they?  That is the premise and title of Zachary Davenport's new movie which will be premiering this Wednesday in a private screening for the cast and crew. 

"Trapped by a horrifying past, Marty struggles with day to day life. As a pastor in his community he realizes his impact on those around him but does little more than go through the motions of his position.  Life has little meaning to him.  He simply clings to things that seem to give him some memories of what might have been."

Zachary is a student at the University of North Carolina in Wilmington and is relatively new to filmmaking but from the looks of the footage I've seen he is well on his way to making a name for himself.  

Hollywood East Mixer Photos

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Here are some photos from the Hollywood East Mixer that was hosted last week by Karuna Sun and Jackson Ross.  The gala was a big success  and left attendees hoping there will be another in the future.  The event was sponsored by Hypnotized Promotions and Club Karmaa in Wilmington, NC 

Dressed for Success with Katie Bulla

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or How to put the final touches on a well thought out production.

Katie Bulla.jpg
Katie Bulla    Photo Credit: Alexander Thompson

Katie Bulla is a production designer. What does a production designer do?  They make everything look... right!  Basically the overall look and feel of a movie.  It's that extra element in a film, besides the characters,  that helps to tell the story.  You can learn a lot about a character by the environment they're placed in and the objects around them.  Also, the actors must be dressed to best personify the role they are playing. It should be accurate for the period. Done right it can make the viewer feel they are eavesdropping on the place and time the story is about..


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At the Carolina Theatre in Durham, NC

Robert Filion - Carolina Theatre.jpg