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Guns, Water & Food: An American Story

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What would it be like to not trust anyone?  No one to rely on. To feel the need to protect you and yours at all costs.  To act first..., on instinct, and ask later.

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A glimpse into this world is what you will see in Jesse Knight's Guns, Water & Food: An American Story.  A short film made in the mountains of Western North Carolina.  What would you do after a disaster where all forms of civilization ceased to exist?  How would you cope?

I've known a few men who were scarred by the effects of war and what they had to endure to survive. Never, did they talk much about it but you could tell in the way they would avoid the subject that it haunted them.  Suffering in silence. Not wanting to remember, only to revisit it in their nightmares.  The terror they must have felt and now wish they could forget.  

I mention this because sometimes, what goes on in the mind can be our worst enemy.  Whether real or imagined, irrational thoughts can lead to actions we wish we had not taken.  Such is the case with the character in this story.

Warning: Adult Language

What inspired you to write and film Guns, Water & Food: An American Story?

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Jesse Knight  I have been a big fan of post apocalyptic flicks my entire life beginning with the first time I saw The Road Warrior in the 80's on television. I have always been fascinated by today's mythology. By "today's mythology" I am referring to the wild "down the rabbit hole" smorgasbord of conspiracy theories online. The unknown fascinates me. War fascinates me. The human struggle, the human organism never fails to fascinate me. With the world of Guns, Water & Food I wanted to capture aspects of those two things mixed in with a healthy dose of the Lone Wolf and Cub movies.

To me the short film is just a rough sketch of the world I would like to someday create in totality.

There is a lot I  think could have been done better, but I really think the meat of the film and the heart of the bigger story lies in the altercation between Tony and the hunter. U really liked the performances I was getting  from two non actors. 

Will we see a feature along these lines?

Jesse Knight  I certainly hope so. It is my dream.  The story I have in mind goes from the brutal realistic scope of "The Road" all the way to the realms of pure fantasy involving an inter-dimensional labyrinth.

Tell me a little about the characters in the short, 

Jesse Knight  Tony Pate plays the lead. A conspiracy theorist who saw the world crack apart around him. Survival of himself and his family was most important [thing]. Neighbors are now competitors for resources. He goes out to scavenge having to leave his family. 

He unknowingly kills the attacking brother of the man who comes across his home looking for a bear. I wanted to blur the lines a little here between revenge and truth. The truth is that the hunter was indeed looking for a bear. The bear killed the man's family not the hunter. I feel this isn't conveyed well enough though in the short. To me the short is more like a study, sort of like what painters do in preparation for a master painting.

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The bear hunter seemed like a friendly fellow and I probably would have given him the benefit of a doubt.  But I guess you get paranoid when everything is falling to pieces.

Jesse Knight  Paranoia at its utmost degree.  This guy was also a little tightly wound

He felt he couldn't trust anyone I guess.

Jesse Knight  Pretty much, but felt enough to come to some realization at the end.

He seemed to be sorry he killed him.

Jesse Knight  He was. He realized he lost a part of himself. A part of the old world that may be lost forever

You had to work with a dog in this film.  How was the dog at taking directions?

Jesse Knight  (Laughs) The dog did well. He was actually Tony's dog, so he and his son could call for it to enter frame.

Where was this filmed?

Jesse Knight  Cullowhee, North Carolina

What's next for you Jesse?

Jesse Knight  I am currently writing my next short film called Hybrid that will replace The Camera Man for the anthology film Beneath the Old Dark House that I am working on with Matt Cloude, Jaysen Buterin and Brett Mullen.

I am also in mid production of Partners Episode 4 and am looking forward to Episode 5's production in the spring.

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Guns, Waters & Food: An American Story won the "Lucid Auteur" award at the ConCarolinas 2012 Film Festival and will be one of the films featured at the Cine-scream 2014 event at Geeksboro Coffeehouse Cinema in Greensboro, NC on Halloween night.

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