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Henry Ceiro: Gate 128

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Henry Ceiro
Henry Ceiro is a director and cinematographer from Asheboro.  A recent graduate of the film school at Full Sail University he is quickly making a name for himself in North Carolina.   His latest film is Gate 128 starring Matthew Downing, Carolyn Laws, Douglas Miron Nydick, Mike Gutowski, and Alan C. Thompson.

"Gate 128 is the story of Rose, the last female on earth, and her guardian,  Camilo. They've been traveling for years, getting closer and closer to Gate 128; a mysterious place that promised a cure and safety to any female still alive. Now as their journey is coming to an end, they encounter savage men that have adapted to this new world and prey on survivors."

Gate 128 premiered in Sophia, NC last week.  Now Henry's goal is to get it into as many film festivals as possible.  So keep an eye on Henry and share some of his work on your social media sites. I'm looking forward to seeing what's next.   Here are some links to his website Reflex Productions and some of his other sites.

Gate 128 Trailer

Gate 128 Teaser Trailer from Henry Ceiro on Vimeo.

Also check out Resolution an action packed short made at the 48 Hour Film Festival in Greensboro, NC earlier this year.


And watch this short documentary Dreamer about Fox Elipsus a singer/songwriter from Oxford, England touring the United States.


Finally check out the Mars video by Christian heavy metal band Wake of Redemtion and directed by Henry Ceiro.