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Hollywood East Mixer Photos

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Here are some photos from the Hollywood East Mixer that was hosted last week by Karuna Sun and Jackson Ross.  The gala was a big success  and left attendees hoping there will be another in the future.  The event was sponsored by Hypnotized Promotions and Club Karmaa in Wilmington, NC 

Lucky Mangione, Karuna Sun, Jackson Ross, Chris Sholly.jpg
Lucky Mangione, Karuna Sun, Jackson Ross, and Chris Sholly

Vickie Hibler, Jackson Ross.jpg
Vickie Hibler and Jackson Ross

Rebecca Bell, Karuna Sun.jpg
Rebecca Bell and Karuna Sun

Daniel Martindale, Karuna Sun, Drew Batchelor.jpg
Daniel Martindale, Karuna Sun, and Drew Batchelor

Donna Marie and Carla Mahaffee Stanley.jpg
Donna Marie and Carla Mahaffee Stanley

Lucky Mangione and Karuna Sun.jpg
Lucky Mangione and Karuna Sun

Doug Shaw, Karuna Sun, Jackson Ross.jpg
Doug Shaw, Karuna Sun, and Jackson Ross

Jeku Arce and Donna Marie.jpg
Jeku Arce and Donna Marie

Photos courtesy of Lucky Mangione and Jamie Hansen from All AnglesMag

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We had a great time at this awesome party! Met some great people and enjoyed the host andd hostess. Wish Karuna would contact me if you have a chance. Have a great day!

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