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Joshua Sheik - Round 3 Voting for Project Greenlight Ends Tomorrow!

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Voting for Round 3 of Project Greenlight ends tomorrow.  In this round voting for the film of one of the 20 remaining filmmakers will be held on Facebook.  Popular demand will determine which one of the final 20 will automatically advance to the final 10.

As far as we can tell Joshua Sheik is the only contestant left that is currently living in the southeast so we wish everyone else the best but we are putting our effort behind him to represent us here in the south.

 Read some of the testimonials about Joshua below and add your own with Facebook commenting at the end of the article if you'd like to show your support.  Every bit helps.

Finally if you agree and want Josh to be one of the final 10 then go to the link below and vote for him and his film Excuse Me.

Click here to vote for Joshua Sheik (Sik) and his film Excuse Me.

The voting period will be from 3:00 PM ET 9/15/14 until 11:59 PM 9/26/14

To learn more about Joshua read our article about him here:

Joshua Sheik and Project Greenlight

Project Greenlight - Top 20 Winners

"Joshua is hard to describe in a few words, now that I think about it.  When we first met, I was absolutely shocked by how much we had in common: both graduated from West Point, both helicopter pilots, both motorcyclists, both men of faith, both very passionate about working in film.  Where we differ is that Joshua is several career steps ahead of me: he's out of the Army, has his own production company, and has acted in, written, and directed several feature films.  So I knew that he was a person I wanted to get to know and work with.

My first opportunity to get to know him was while auditioning for a film he was co-directing, Onyx.  After snagging a role in the production, I got to see first hand that Joshua presents a bit of a paradox: while being light-hearted and quirky, he is also extremely committed to his craft.  He spends countless hours at home teaching himself effects and editing techniques.  He puts his own money into his projects to make sure they get done right.  And the really cool thing is that he is always open to taking someone into the fold and teaching them something about the process of film making.

And among other things, film making is his expertise, so he has a lot to teach.  As a talented editor and effects guy, he directs with a very clear vision of what he wants to do in post production, and so he is really able to draw out of his actors exactly what he wants.  And speaking as an actor, he's great to work with!  Joshua is a great guy, and so he creates an atmosphere of trust and openness that makes it really easy for the actor to be ridiculous without feeling self-conscious.  

As I continue to develop as an actor, I look forward to witnessing Joshua's upward momentum carry him on to great success.  And hopefully I'll be able to work for him again!"

Ky Fehlbaum - Actor

"I was so pleased to get the chance to audition for and work with Joshua on Worth Fighting For. It's one of the best faith scripts I've read and worked on. The cast was strong all the way around and Joshua is a determined and talented filmmaker. I think he has a bright future ahead in the industry and certainly in the faith genre. I very much hope to work with him again in the near future."

Tim Ross - Actor

"I don't know if it is luck or leadership, but Joshua has the amazing ability to put together a great movie.  Working with Josh on Christian's Carol, I have seen Josh work well with limited equipment, time, money, multiple setbacks, location changes, and distractions. Josh maintains focus and gains the corporation of the team to get the job done. At the end of each long day, everyone left with a smile and a sense of great accomplishment."

Amy Simmons - Health and Wellness Coach Services

"Josh has taken me on as a business partner less then a year ago and it has been nothing short of an honor working with him. My first feature film to be released this year titled "Onyx' was only a dream until Josh came to a meeting one day and just volunteered to help. He provided everything we needed and guided me through the entire director process without ever taking control. He is an awesome filmmaker and person I aspire to be like one day. He can be so fun yet so strong as a leader. He improves daily at his craft and it is a humbling reward to watch. Josh has been nothing short of a blessing in my life and I'm in this partnership for the long haul! He is both my mentor and friend, and that's truly uhh-mazing"

Javarice Moody- Vice President of Ebed Pictures

"From the moment I met Joshua, I knew that he had his act together, pun intended, and he was destined for great things regarding anything and everything involving the production of films.  This guy is going places."

Jayson Duckett - Actor

" I have worked with Joshua on several projects. He is a talented actor and a very creative writer and director. He is a team player and always brings his best."

Donna Hovey,  Rare Quality Models & Talent Owner/Director

"Jesus said those who are faithful with little can be entrusted with much, and Joshua Sheik clearly has the talent, patience, and dedication to take on the highest level of filmmaking. Let's not miss out on the chance to see what he can do with this opportunity."

Amanda Read - Freelance Writer/Screenwriter

"The film making industry is growing like crazy in Alabama and Georgia and to be the only Top 20 filmmaker selected from the south says a lot about him.

What can't this guy do? He acts, writes, produces and directs. Josh knows what he wants as a director and he has an unparalleled ability to convey that vision to everyone around him. I think his background as an Army officer gives him the ability to solicit advice and ideas from anyone around him and pick and blend the best of those ideas with his own. I've worked as his director of photography on three projects now (both Project Greenlight films) He is a patient professional. To top it all off -- Josh is a Christian filmmaker, so automatically I associate that with a certain ethical and moral standard that is evident in his work." Alan Moore - Director of Photography

"I first met and worked with Joshua during the summer of 2012 on my short film Virtual Temptation which was shot entirely here in South Florida. Joshua was an absolute pleasure to work with and truly brought his own unique style to every scene. He is incredibly gifted, a true man of faith, and an extremely nice person. His talents shine through in everything he participates in, and his latest project 'Excuse Me' is no exception."

Matt de Rojas - Founder/CEO Cameo Entertainment Group

"So as a viewer I could say I was extremely surprised and enthralled by his talent and ideas, especially having so many friends who are pros in the industry and being inundated with high quality work in LA. The fact that he could pull that off in Alabama says a lot about him."

Rebekah Athey

"Josh is the most creative guy I know.  He was always on the forefront of anything artistic and he is an amazing director, producer, actor and musician.  No one deserves a Project Greenlight win more than him.  He is outstanding."

Mitch Brannen

"Joshua is a chameleon.  Someone who at first glance, you just can't figure out.  Just when you think you know the man, or believe you know the limits to his abilities, he opens another door to you and the amazement flows forth.  His demeanor may at first seem flighty and grandiose, but then as you get to know him and peel away the aspects of his personality and beliefs, you find a man who is one of the most down to earth that you will ever find, yet with his head forever in the clouds.  He is always shooting for that distant target, with each shot getting ever closer to the goal."

Skip Nelson

"Not only does he have talent, he has the skill set needed to reinforce that talent. And the remarkable drive. He's never given up on what he desires, or let a bump in the road stop his progress. He's a man of solid faith, ambition, and works hard. And for that he deserves his moment to shine. I'm blessed to know him and to have been included in moments of his journey."

Tara Ann Owens

"I was in the Army with Josh, and I deployed to Iraq with him for fifteen months. Josh is extremely passionate about working in film, and I've always known him to give 100% in everything he does. Above all, he's a decent human being, and I'm honored to call him a brother in arms, as well as a true friend."

Billy Sweet

"Joshua is a jack of all trades. The man can do it all, and does it all well. Working with him in his short film, Excuse Me, was such a treat and I learned a lot. While Joshua is very professional, he is also quite personable, and just a joy to be around."

Allison Cain - Actor

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Privileged to call Joshua a friend and also privileged to have worked with him on sets. Josh's talent is top notch! He is dedicated and a man of his word. My husband and I are extremely happy to see his fresh and creative work right here in the south. We are patiently waiting to see where his bright future sends him next!
Julie Timberlake-Film/Theater Make-up Artist
Matthew Timberlake-Actor

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