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Joshua Sheik and Project Greenlight

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Joshua Sheik began writing stories at a young age and by the time that he was 10 he had directed his first play/movie called Murder on Saratoga Street which he followed up with six sequels.

After graduating high school, he attended West Point military school . From there he was commissioned as an Army Aviation Officer, became a rated helicopter pilot, was deployed twice to Iraq, and made films for his troops. During this time, he learned about being responsible for others and leadership skills. Which he says, is "one of the most important pillars of being a director." He feels that "the greatest directors are not only artists, but they are also grounded leaders".

Jon Barker and Joshua Sheik at West Point.jpg
Jon Barker with Joshual Sheik. He got me into great independent movies while at West Point.
Joshua Sheik Helicopter Pilot by James Anderson.jpg
Helicopter Pilot
Brian Beausolei and Joshua Sheik.jpg
Brian Beausoleil was my right hand man when I was an operations officer in the Army.

Kenneth Israel and Joshua Sheik.jpg

Although he has worked in many areas of filmmaking, his favorite part of it is directing. With directing, he says "you get to stay with the project from the beginning to the end.  You get to be there from the moment you have that amazing idea to the time when somebody explains why it won't work. Then, you find a way around it, only to be frustrated when shooting begins. In the editing room, you realize you didn't get the sound or the shot you wanted, only to discover that through hundreds of hours of blood sweat and tears, you've made something that might actually move people."

Director and Assistant Director - Christian's Carol.jpg

He has written and directed two feature films, Christian's Carol and Worth Fighting  For. Christian's Carol is a modern day version of A Christmas Carol that follows Christian Williams (Kenneth Israel) after a near death experience. This was Joshua's first film and he felt that the acting was "magnificent". Worth Fighting For is about young underground fighter and gang enforcer that falls in love with a Christian girl. He has to decide if their love is worth fighting for.

Charlotte, North Carolina actor, Tim Ross has a supporting lead role in this film and says ,"I was so pleased to get the chance to audition for and work with Joshua on Worth Fighting For. It's one of the best faith scripts I've read and worked on. The cast was strong all the way around and Joshua is a determined and talented filmmaker. I think he has a bright future ahead in the industry and certainly in the faith genre. I very much hope to work with him again in the near future."

Worth Fighting For 1.jpg

Joshua recently entered the Project Greenlight competition. Project Greenlight is a campaign by Ben Affleck and Matt Damon, and their goal is to find an unknown filmmaker and give them a chance to "direct a Hollywood feature film with a vetted script and a veteran crew". Joshua's submission to Project Greenlight was a film called "Excuse Me" which is a funny and creative twist on his experiences with women. This short film landed him in the second round of the competition being chosen as one of 200 out of thousands of submissions. He has just completed his submission for the second round which required him to create a humorous bio of himself and from there the choices will be narrowed down to the top 20.

On a personal note, Joshua is a musician; playing piano, guitar and harmonica in the style of Billy Joel and Bob Dylan. He loves to read as well and in his opinion the Bible is "the most fascinating piece of literature", with Count of Monte Cristo second as his favorite book. When he has an opportunity, Joshua also enjoys musical theater and has played Gaston in Beauty and the Beast, and Guy Masterson in Guys and Dolls to name a few.

Isaac and Jumilea by Tim Skpper.jpg

Photo credit: Tim Skipper Photography

Joshua also holds a  Masters of Divinity degree which he began while overseas in Germany and Iraq and completed when he returned to the states. Although he hasn't pursued that as a career, he is involved in with the praise team at his church and often teaches Sunday school. Joshua is proud to call himself a CHRISTIAN  filmmaker that works in all genres of film.

He has a production company called Ebed Pictures. They are willing to give free assessments of scripts for production to anyone who would like to film their project. Please contact him at, subject line: PROJECT (Title of Project)  or FREE BUDGET ESTIMATE (Title of Project).

We wish Joshua success in the next round of Project Greenlight!

First round entry for Project Greenlight

Second round entry for Project Greenlight
Bio Video

Joshua Sheik with Motorcycle by Tim Skipper.jpg
Photo credit: Tim Skipper Photography

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Mr Joshua Sheik is a very talented individual (behind and in front of the camera)! He's professional and put his heart into his work. He was my first On-Camera director. I had the honor of portraying a character he created, and for that im truly greatful. He deserves everything coming his way. Project Greenlight being one of them!

Joshua, is a man after God's own heart. His movies are clean, Christian movies that are not boring nor are they embarrassing for a Christian to watch. We need more movies and directors like Josh. I know God has big plans for Josh. I am excited to see how God uses the talents he has given Josh!

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