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Kira Bursky - Fool's Paradise

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Kira Bursky.jpg"Tell me a story!" as the character in Sleepyhead might say.  Kira Bursky can do just that.  With a wonderful sense of style she can weave a tale on film that is sure get your attention.  She spends her summers in Asheville, North Carolina and the rest of the year at school in Interlochen, Michigan where she attends the Interlochen Academy of the Arts.  Often working with fellow filmmaker Mida Chu there.  They have made several films together and have won some awards at festivals with them.

"We both have distinct styles, but when we collaborate we create an almost seemingly new style: the IA Production style I guess one could say. We both recognize that there are some things that we cannot co-direct, but even when that sort of situation occurs (for instance, for our film "Johnny Boy" I directed, he DP'ed), the other person will DP or help out in some sort of large capacity."

Fool's Paradise is her latest and she's producing this one with her production company All Around Artsy.  Check out the Kickstarter campaign video and trailer below.   Help Kira get Fool's Paradise into as many festivals as possible.

Fool's Paradise Lead Roles:
Lu - David Dietrich
Mara - Aislin Freya Pax
The Father - Richard Camuto
Marcy - Crystal Craven

Fool's Paradise Kickstarter Campaign


Fool's Paradise Trailer

Also, check out All Around Artsy on Vimeo to see Sleepyhead and some of Kira's other works.