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Kira Bursky - We're Okay

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Kira Bursky by Gintare Zukauskaite
Kira Bursky  Photo Credit: Gintare Zukauskaite

Hearing from Kira Bursky is like opening a present.  You never know what to expect but odds are you're going to like it.  If you've seen her work you know what I mean. I recently had the opportunity to catch up with what's she's been doing and have a couple of things to announce.

First she has just graduated from high school.  She has been attending Interlochen Center for the Arts in Michigan. A boarding school with an international reputation for it's studies in writing, visual, and performing arts. The film below is called We're Okay and it's her senior thesis film.  It is a story about self image that includes animation to portray what is going on inside the head of the actor.  Kira said she read a lot of self-help books in doing her research for material to include in the piece.  It sends a positive message that despite what we might think about ourselves or what others might think about us we are loved and wanted.

Kira Bursky and Neil deGrasse Tyson.jpgAlso, she made a film on the subject of using technology to aid foreign students in communicating when coming to America. It was chosen to be screened at the White House where she, along with her mother and the lead actress in Hello From Malaysia, Aiman Marzio, met with such notable people as Bill Nye, Kal Penn, Neil deGrasse Tyson, and the president himself.

Enjoy the film and check out what Kira has to say below.

I know you just graduated for Interlochen and this was your thesis film.  What premise did you start with and what went into We're Okay?

Kira  Before I wrote We're Okay I knew I wanted to tell a story about depression and the inability to match up your internal world to your external world. I did some research and (to be completely honest) read a lot of self help books that deal with the mind and some of the thought-loops we get trapped into. I think that the themes of depression, sexuality and body image are very touchy feely and are the sort of topics that people hide in real life. That is why I felt it was important for me to tell a story that dealt with these themes- because if I don't, then I am only contributing to the trap of silence. If people need help, they should know that there is help out there. I want people to know that if anything, I am there for them! I understand! I empathize, sympathize, love, and support you and so do a ton of other people out there who are going through unique, but similar, situations.

You recently visited the White House.  Was this film screened there?

Kira  Actually, the film I had screened at the White House was "Hello from Malaysia." The film fest was geared towards films which showcased the use of technology in the future of education. 

Aiman has just moved from Malaysia to the U.S. and finds it hard to fit in with the cultural differences. (My entry for The White House Student Film Festival.)...

What was the trip to the White House like?  Had you been before?

Kira  It was my first time travelling to the White House and I had such a fantastic time! I got to meet incredible people such as Neil Degrasse Tyson, Bill Nye, Kal Penn, and President Barack Obama. It was such an amazing experience to have my film screened there and viewed by such a large audience. I got to travel there with two guests, so I went with the lead of the film, Aiman, and my mother.

That sounds exciting.  Was Aiman also a student at Interlochen?

Kira  Aiman was indeed also a student at Interlochen! She is such a lovely gal and I intend on working with her again in the future. Probably one of the warmest people I ever met. 

Now that high school is behind you, your mind must be buzzing with what to do next.   Which, do you think, we'll be seeing more of: the artist, the songwriter, or the filmmaker?

Kira  I honestly can't say which you'll be seeing more of, because almost everything I do is a mix of it all. I'm starting to score for all my films, and I I can't help but do other forms of art when inspiration hits me. And I honestly never know when inspiration is gonna hit me because it happens so often and so sporadically. But, I'd probably say you'll see me doing mostly film since it does combine anything and everything.

Well whatever it is I want to see it or hear it.  So keep me posted.

Kira  I shall!