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Meet THE iNDEE: Colby Hopkins

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Today we spotlight Colby Hopkins for "Meet The iNDEE".

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Colby Hopkins  Photo Credit: >David Superville

What are your hobbies/pastimes outside of work?

I like soccer, football, swimming, tennis, wakeboarding and snowboarding. I love to read, write, and take photographs. I also love music and have been playing guitar for six years. I'm currently taking up rock climbing. I am addicted to extreme sports because of the community of people who are so passionate about adventuring and doing something thrilling. I think that is similar to film, everyone is passionate about telling stories and they're extremely dedicated to it because of the rush it gives you when you see what you've accomplished.

How did you know you wanted to be a writer/director/film maker/work with the iNDEE? 

I enjoyed writing from a very young age. I knew I wanted to tell stories and for a while sought a career as a journalist. In high school I finally got my hands on a camera and filmed my first music video. From there I knew I wanted to work in film. The best thing I've heard said about anyone working in film is that it's a lot of people working extremely hard to get to play pretend. I think that's true and its very rewarding if your lucky enough to do it for a living.

Tell me one thing about you that you want people to know about yourself. (Something you think people don't know)

I have a pretty love hate relationship with technology. I don't like being connected on my phone all the time and my friends and family will tell you that I'm pretty hard to get in contact with. I prefer face-to-face communication and I dislike talking on the phone or texting while I'm with other people. Maybe I'm part of the last generation that grew up playing outside all day without a cell phone in their pocket so I think that has something to do with it. I spend a lot of time writing at my computer, reading articles, and answering emails now, so I appreciate my time away from technology when I can.

What are a few of your favorite films? Favorite film genre? Directors?

I think there is a word limit on these questions so I won't talk about all my favorite films. I will name a few of my favorite filmmakers instead. I love Jean-Luc Godard because I feel like he told the first real genre bending films. They had comedy, action, and romance. They were tightly cut and didn't have anything that you didn't need to see in order for the story to work. 

I think Spielberg is the classic "American Director". He knows his audience so well and is able to craft amazing characters that interest everyone who watches his films. I admire Fincher's visual style and believe he is definitely ahead of his time. He was shooting perfect films for digital before we had digital. 

I love anything shot by Roger Deakins and anything written by Billy Wilder. Right now I think Shane CarruthRian Johnson and Jeff Nichols are the directors I'm paying very close attention to these days. They are currently telling the most interesting and thoughtful stories and they are doing it with their own unique voices. 

What was the last movie you watched? Your impressions?

I just watched Edge of Tomorrow. It's an exciting story that moves the plot through action rather than pausing the story to have action scenes. That's extremely difficult to do but it's crafted very well. 

If you could meet anyone for an afternoon who would it be and what would you want to talk about?

I would love to sit in on a conversation between Orson Wells and Ernest Hemmingway. They were two great storytellers that were always seeking adventure and lived extremely exciting lives. They were also close friends and I would have loved to have just sat in on a conversation between the two of them.

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Kim Nance Misenheimer is the Social Media Coordinator for THE iNDEE.

THE iNDEE is a film studio in Gastonia, North Carolina that strives to encourage independent filmmakers and help them innovate in their artistic endeavors.