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Meet THE iNDEE: Jen Becker

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Now it is Jen Becker's turn to be in the "Meet The iNDEE" spotlight! Please enjoy her interview and share with your friends! 

What are your hobbies/pastimes outside of work?

Spending time with my family. I enjoy the outdoors - hiking and camping. I am part of a tight knit church family. I love cooking for a big group of hungry people. I thoroughly enjoy authentic ethnic foods.

Jen Becker by Russ Willey.jpg
Photo Credit: Russ Willey
How did you know you wanted to be a writer/director/work on set?

I entered college as an Art and Business double major to be able to be creative and get a job. As I was registering for my third semester I realized that for every Art class I took I could not take a business class and vice versa - this made double majoring impossible. Therefore, I dropped the Art and was only a Business major. One semester without a creative outlet was about all I could handle so I began taking creative electives and ran into some Communication majors. One challenged me to take an intro class and see what I thought. Well, I aced the class and fell in love with the marriage of art and business in the Communication department of my college. From there I began to have a passion to tell stories that matter, stories about Jesus love for human beings, stories that change, affect, and move people.

What is one thing you think most people don't know about you?

That I love languages, not that I can speak anything but English, but dialects fascinate me.

What are a few of your favorite films, film genre, writers, directors, etc

lots of classics

Film Genre's:
Classic Comedies and Detective Films
Films that tackle an issue


What was the last movie you watched? Impressions?

Open Season 2 - Yes I know I'm a little behind, since Open Season 3 was released in 2011... Thought lots about the idea of sequels. Some concepts work well to create another story with the same characters. The characters of Open Season are specific, interesting and loveable all of which are needed for a good sequel. However, story is still king. A sequel will be judged on how much the audience cares about the journey the characters go on. I felt the first installment was a better story - lots more at stake and lots more growth for the main characters. This sequel was still a fun film.

What is your role at The iNDEE?

As head of the New Daydream division of iNDEE Studio, I coordinate the ongoing projects. When we are producing a film I am the Unit Production Manager/Line Producer.

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Kim Nance Misenheimer is the Social Media Coordinator for THE iNDEE.

THE iNDEE is a film studio in Gastonia, North Carolina that strives to encourage independent filmmakers and help them innovate in their artistic endeavors.