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Michael Denny on The Adventures of Red Ball

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Michael Denny is working on  a new animated action series called The Adventures of Red Ball.   Aimed at kids of any age.  At the same time focusing on helping connect autistic children with the world around them.  

"A sporty red ball must bounce high to face the challenges of life as he rolls through his small world discovering adventures and friends around every block."

His company, Servanthood Productions based in Charlotte, North Carolina, will also be developing other animated shows and action series in the future.  He will be needing voice actors from the Carolinas to bring these characters to life.

Tell me about your project, The Adventures of Red Ball.

Well it is about a ball, Red Ball and his adventures.  In a world of mostly blocks he meets other balls, each with their own talents and problems, and be friends them.  The interactions are simple.  The issues are basic, so all ages will understand.  As red and his friends mature so will the topics and the balls themselves.  The idea was based on some research to help kids with autism. Simple characters , simple objects, simple issues and slowly grow the detail over time to help the kids eventually connect with people around them.  With that said The Adventures of Red Ball has evolved to a story that anyone can connect with.  Any "kid" of any age. It maintains the elements originally conceived for autism while connecting with the broader audience as well.  At least that is the hope.

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You have some experience with autism?

I have done some research and talked with some well trained people that work with autistic kids.  They have given me insights and confirmed a lot of ideas.  The challange is to make a popular show that is freely available to everyone and also can be appropriate for autistic kids.  That is always the challange with TV - connecting with the broader audience.

When will the series begin and where will it be available?

It is tentively planned to premeire in November on the internet.  A link will be posted on The Adventures of Red Ball Facebook page.  This will be our first show to air of several animated and live action shows we are currently developing for direct to the internet releases.

You're an actor as well.  Will you be doing the voice of Red Ball?

Yes, I will be performing the voice of Red Ball and will be looking for other voiceover talents in North Carolina to voice the other characters

How can someone get in touch with you if they want to add their voice to your characters and what are you looking for in voice talent?

he best way is to message me on facebook or send an email to casting@servanthoodproductions.com.  We are looking for voice talent of all ages.  Initially, I need to cast two major parts which are for adult males.  One is Red Ball's best friend and the other becomes the antagonist later in the story.

For more information about The Adventures of Red Ball  go to:

 To inquire about becoming  a voice actor for the series email Michael at: