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Kristy Marett is a singer, entertainer, and owner of Arts and Expressions - One Place For All Your Artistic Expressions! 

If you are a musician, (like me) you got 'em! It's the promises we make to no one but ourselves this time of year... usually involving being a little more dedicated to our instrument(s), honing our talents, and so many of us, (me included,) promising ourselves that we will Practice! Practice! Practice!  Hey! How else are we gonna get to Carnegie Hall, right?


Of course, ALL OF THE ABOVE is on my list of musical resolutions this year! (Just like last year and the year before, and... well. You know as well as I do!)


I DO resolve to be a better musician this year! And I DO resolve to practice more! But... in 2012, I have added another layer to my musical resolutions. 


Music is by far my first love. From my earliest memories, I have always dreamt of living my life filled with music, making it my career and my life's ambition. I am truly blessed to have the opportunity to fulfill that dream, at least in part, most days of my life.

Roland R-26 Portable Field Recorder

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English: recording ecoacoustics in rural Illin...

Public Domain Image by  Victorgrigas via Wikipedia

Here's a field recorder that is perfect for the filmmaker or musician wanting to capture sound on location.  It has two sets of built in condenser microphones.  One set is in the X/Y pattern and picks up directional stereo sound.  The second set is spaced further apart and picks up omnidirectional sounds from front sides, and back to capture the ambient sounds of where your are recording.  

Wikimania interview dlf3

Image by Elke Wetzig via Wikipedia

Not enough?  It also has two phantom powered  XLR inputs for additional mics such as shotgun mics or lavaliers.  Since it is capable of recording 6 tracks at a time you can record all six sources to different tracks and create a blend of these sources to suit your taste for the final mix.

Below are some videos that explain all the features of this field recorder and offer some examples of using it in various applications.

UP CLOSE - Musicians Christmas List


kristy Marett.jpg

Kristy Marett is a singer, entertainer, and owner of Arts and Expressions - One Place For All Your Artistic Expressions! 

English: Taylor, Acoustic Guitar, model 314

Taylor Guitar (Public Domain Image by  YDHM via Wikipedia)

Still pondering what might be the ideal gift for the musician or music lover on your list? As the days count down, we sometimes find ourselves at a loss for ideas.


Being a performing musician myself, as well as being married to a bass player/guitarist who also tunes pianos as a primary job, I've become somewhat of a pro at finding great gifts for the musical type.


Check out some of these instruments and accessories that are bound to strike a note in perfect harmony with your favorite musicians, from stocking stuffers to the biggies that Santa himself will be singing along with!


First, a couple of biggies:



These rich-sounding, quality guitars come in many models, both acoustic and electric, and are known for rare burl woods and unusual, artsy inlays. Priced from around $600 for the lowest end acoustic, (the 3/4 scale mini-acoustics can be found for as low as $300,) to about $6,000 for specialty models, (such as the 'Running Horses" inlaid fret board, the pricing is considered mid-range in the guitar world.


Google Music Launched

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Google music search Product Launch(March 30th ...

Image by keso via Wikipedia

Google Music is here.  What do I like about it?  You never have to SYNC.  Just login to your account from any device and there's your music ready to play or download.  Whatever you purchase goes directly into your music library and is available on your computer, smartphone, tablet, etc...  If you're going to be out of reach of the Internet you can download songs to your phone for offline playback.  You can also upload up to 20 thousand of your current songs to your Google library for free. 

It was easy to get started.  Since I already had a Google account I was able to login instantly and purchase a song.  Every day you can find a number of songs available for free download so you can try out music from artists you may not have considered before.  I chose a song from the Decemberists. The song was immediately available on my desktop.  Next I installed the Google Music app on my smartphone.  The installation was easy.  It did take several minutes before the song appeared in the song list of my phone. 

Next I installed the Google Music Manager on my desktop.  Be careful. If you don't want it to upload all the songs on your computer be sure and select the right options for folder and automatic upload.  It started uploading everything in my music folder.  Not what I wanted.  I didn't care for everything I have being in the cloud so I created a folder named  "Google Music" in the music  folder so that only those songs would be uploaded and selected that folder to be the upload folder. Now only the things  I copy into the "Google Music" folder will be uploaded.  Problem solved.

I use Spotify and use it like a radio for listening to random music of the types I like.  I think Google Music is a great too.  Especially for people that like to own their music library.  You can download your purchased songs to your computer, upload the songs you already have from other services, and have them in the cloud for listening wherever you may be.

Bundle of CDs.

Image by typester via Wikipedia

Want to sell your music on Facebook?  The Music Store Widget from cdBaby is what you need.  It's free for existing cdBaby artists.  If you don't currently have your music registered with cdBaby you're missing a great way to sell your music either digitally or with CDs/Vinyl at not only Facebook but many other digital outlets such as iTunes,, and Spotify.

The cost to sign up with cdBaby in minimal.  $39 for a complete album or $9.99 for a single.  I have been a cdBaby member for years (  It has helped me spread my music far and wide as well as giving  the satisfaction of periodically receiving a check for CDs sold and royalties for plays on digital music sites.  I even had one song picked up for a movie as the producer had heard my songs at cdBaby.

Check out the video below about this exciting new service from cdBaby and how to get started.

Build an Acoustic Guitar

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Guitar Study 1

Image by fmerenda via Flickr

Want to build yourself an acoustic guitar?  You can if you attend this workshop with luthier Gerald Anderson.  He will guide you through the process of building the guitar and the end result will be a Martin D-18 style acoustic with a spruce top and mahogany body. 

Guitar Building Workshop with Gerald Anderson
September 20th through September 30th

Tryon Arts and Crafts School
373 Harmon Field Road
Tryon, NC  28782

For more information contact:


The Boss Micro BR BR-80 is a great little multi-track studio built into a form factor that fits in your pocket.  It comes bundled with Cakewalk's Sonar X1 LE for editing your tracks once you've transferred them to your computer. Can be used as a field recorder with either it's internal mics or by using it's guitar and line inputs..

  • Three modes: MTR (multi-track recorder), eBand, and Live Rec
  • Records directly to SD/SDHC memory card (up to 32 GB)
  • High-quality stereo condenser microphone built in for instant audio capture
  • 64 V-Tracks and eight simultaneous playback tracks
  • eBand function for phrase training and play-along tracks
  • Huge library of built-in backing and rhythm patterns
  • World-class COSMĀ® amps and effects onboard
  • Use as a USB audio interface with built-in effects
  • SONAR X1 LE software included


Image by DRB62 via Flickr

In the market for a new loudspeaker system for your group, organization, or club?  I ran across a guide at that can help with making the decision.