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Outside Adventure Film School - Boulder, CO

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The Macchu Picchu, a UNESCO World Heritage Sit...

Macchu Picchu )Imageby Martin St-Amant  via Wikipedia)

Ran across this fella, Michael Brown, that will take his students all over the world tutoring them in the craft of outdoor filmmaking.  Michael is a three time Emmy Award winner and his students have created award winning films in locations such as South America, Asia, and Africa as well as the United States.  At the end of each school every student will have a solid short film and will be better equipped to broaden their horizons as a filmmaker.

in addition to Michael the school has five other instructiors:

Arlynn Ilgenfritz 
A graduate of Vanderbilt University she has been an art director, ski instructor, a deckhand, and an adventure guide.

Scott McElroy 
A director, video editor, and motion graphics artist experience in documentaries, narratives, and commercial film.

Rob Jackson 
Writer, cinematographer, and editor of Serac Adventure Films.

Kim McKee
A producer and business manager for Outside Adventure Film School and Serac Adventure Films.

Tyler Jones
Cinematography, writing, and web design are the talents he brings to both the Outside Adventure Film School and Serac Adventure Films.

Behind the Scenes: Teva Mountain Games from Outside Adventure Film School on Vimeo.

Upcoming Schools: