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Review - Transformers:Dark of the Moon

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Movie director Michael Bay instructs Airmen fi...

Michael Bay on the set of Transformers (Public Domain mage via Wikipedia)

Transformers 3 is a certified blockbuster, raking in more than $204 million so far in the US alone.  After public outrage over Transformers 2, a film most fans thought was just not up to par, Michael Bay and the crew had a lot to live up to.  He lost Megan Fox (thus began an epic war of the words between the 2) and did his best to try and live up the expectations the original Transformers film set.  With that said, the best Michael Bay could do was still not very impressive. 

Synopsis: The Autobots battle the Decepticons... again.
Shia LaBeouf was joined this time by Rosie Huntington-Whitely as his love interest, because what's an action movie without a brainless love interest?  The first act is captivating.  All of the scenes with Sam (LaBeouf) and his parents are reminiscent of the first film, when you actually cared what happened to these characters.  Once the action starts, though, it's impossible to follow this story.  There are a bunch of robots fighting, and that's about all you know.  Michael Bay's obsession with huge explosions has become widely parodied at this point, but that doesn't stop him from putting in as much as he can fit.  I love a good action sequence as much as anyone else, but at some point during the movie, it felt like I had watched the same exact scene for 45 minutes.  Then it turned out I really had.  I had a free ticket, so I can't say it was a waste of money.  But if you aren't that lucky, just go ahead and wait for Netflix on this one.  Or hey, just watch the new Woody Allen movie like I wish I had.