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Review: "Dakota Skye"

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Recently a friend handed me a copy of Dakota Skye and insisted I watch it, and since I had 89 minutes to spare, I decided to give it a shot.  The movie focuses on an unmotivated 17 year-old girl who begins the film by revealing that she has a superpower - she can see the truth even when people are lying.  Armed with this superpower she goes on to deal with an apathetic boyfriend more focused on getting high and playing in his band than being with Dakota.  At the same time, she's got friends she barely likes forcing her to study for the upcoming SATs and a cute, new guy who can't help but notice how unappreciated she is.  This new guy happens to be her boyfriend's best friend, which makes this the central conflict of the movie. 

For the most part, it's a normal teen movie about a girl and a guy breaking up, getting together, etc, but it is also filled with beautiful shots and perfect dialogue.  Eileen Boylan also does a phenomenal job in her first starring role.  Director John Humber made his directorial debut after spending the past 7 years as a Production Assistant on various films and even just acting as an assistant to stars like Orlando Bloom.  Film festivals in 2008 seemed to notice it as well.  It won Best Film at the Charlotte Film Festival and First Glance Film Fest, as well as Best Screenplay in the Phoenix Film Festival.   Dakota Skye is an incredibly well-made and well-written micro-budget movie shot for only $150,000. So, if you were looking for something new on Netflix, I highly suggest this.