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Review: Drive

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Ryan Gosling is, hands down, one of my favorite actors in Hollywood.  Having said that, I didn't care at all about Drive when I heard about it.  I'm not into movies about cars and shootouts; that's all just boring to me.  But when I went to see it I was blown away.  Set in Los Angeles, the movie follows Ryan Gosling's character, a mechanic/stuntman/wheel man.  Gosling (who is only referred to as "the driver" through the entire movie) starts falling for his neighbor  Irene (Carey Mulligan) before finding out that she is married to an ex-con who is involved in some pretty dangerous stuff.  Driver does his best to protect her, which means helping her husband pay off some debts he owes.

The movie is over the top, yet minimalistic.  It's extremely violent, but still sweet.  There is an amazing soundtrack that pays homage to the 80's perfectly.  Hopefully word of mouth gets this film and director Nicolas Winding Refn the credit they deserve.