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Ringfinger: When nothing else can go wrong!

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Ringfinger is a comedy about a reluctant, but soon to be bride that is on a mission to find the wedding rings her brother lost the night before the wedding. What else could go wrong? I have a feeling "a lot."

The brainchild of Derek Tilton and Bryant Zambrano who have a certain rare sense of humor. If you don't believe me then take a look at their series The Affordable Eight.  There are eight 1-2 minute slices of life that focus on the travails of one character "Dude" played by Bryant. Be sure to check out Warm Milk. I think we can all identify with that one.

The film is currently in pre-production and will be shot in the wonderful countryside of Asheville, North Carolina. Some of the actors you'll be seeing will be Keenan Edge as Luke, Morgan Peterson as Audrey, Bryant Zambrano as Carlos, Megan Waller as Lydia and Jake Whaley as Sam.

A Seed&Spark Campaign is underway to help fund the making of the movie. You can find out more about it here:

There are lots of fine perks for you at many levels of contribution.  So if you'd like to help these guys make a funny movie here's a great chance. They are already halfway to their goal. Help put them over the top.

RingFinger  is a provocative title. What is it about?

Derek Tilton.jpg
Derek  t's a story centered around a disenchanted bride who has to recover the wedding rings the night before the wedding is to take place after her brother, a drag club owner, misplaced them in his roommate's car. The roommate also happens to be her ex-boyfriend.

It's intended to be a bit of a throwback to the late-night comedies that came out of the 80's, films like Adventures in Babysitting, License to Drive and The Night Before.

Adam York.jpg
Adam  Here's what attracted me to the project. Ringfinger is not your Mother's Romantic comedy. It's a tale about love in all of it's many forms and a celebration of what brings us together. 
One of the interesting things about Ringfinger is that it hopes to showcase a lot of the beautiful Asheville country side, before North Carolina developers turn it into so many McMansions. This script really gets into what life is like when you live life on the side of the mountain.

At a time when N.C. Is facing a lot of blow back about the Transgender bathroom laws, a movie which celebrates love in all forms is very important.
 We have a lot of great production staff, especially Bryant and Andrew, who have done a lot of work in the Charlotte scene and we are very lucky to have them working on Ringfinger.

We've got a great cast also such as.... Keenan Edge who plays Luke, ( Audrey's brother who runs a gay club in Asheville, Morgan Peterson who plays Audrey, a reluctant bride, Bryant Zambrano (of the "Lines" series) who will be playing Carlos Audrey's fiancé, Megan Waller who will be playing Lydia, Audrey's best friend and Jake Whaley who will be playing Sam, Audrey's ex-boyfriend.

Derek  The pitch video was the last film in a short series that Bryant and I worked on called The Affordable Eight. Basically a series of silly short films to show what we are capable of when given the parameters of one actor in one location for about one minute. 

Adam mentioned getting footage of the Asheville contryside. Will there be any cameo appearances of Asheville's street performers?

Derek  It is certainly within the realm of possibility. I definitely want to capture the essence of what makes Asheville so unique. It's the only city in the southeast that I've been to where you can have really deep philosophical conversations with complete strangers. The last time I was up there, I had an encounter with a parking lot attendant who went on a diatribe about automation and how it will affect the economy. That's one tiny element I would like to incorporate sporadically throughout the story. But, ya know, less dark. (laughs)

Adam, how are you involved in this? What duties have you been charged with?

Adam  I've been asked to help out with Line Production, budgets, and making contacts with various companies and people.
After I got done with the short The Devil's Lettuce with Tri-force Entertainment, I was brought into this project by a friend of mine, Megan Waller, she introduced me to Derek, and we've been hatching plots for production ever since then. 

 I'm really lucky because there was a lot of really good pre-production in the works before I came in. Since Derek and Bryant developed the Affordable 8 series it's let this project be an outgrowth of that.

Do you feel that Asheville is growing too fast and endangering its mountain flavor and countryside appeal. I would hate that?

Derek  Yes. I've lived there on and off for five years and ultimately had to leave because of higher cost of living and not enough steady work outside of service industry jobs. Since I've let a lot of landmarks have been shut down in favor of hotels. Specifically downtown where there are already numerous similar establishments. It's obviously a bubble that will hurt the town badly if they don't radically change the path that they are heading down.

Bryant Zambrano.jpg
Bryant  've only been to Asheville once.  Don't really remember much of it. Ended up going to the Biltmore which is where I spent most of my time.

Bryant, tell me about your role in this production.

Bryant  I'm playing the role of Carlos and I've also helped Derek find actors and locations.  I helped Derek shoot all of the Affordable 8 videos actually.  Andrew assisted with the test footage and ultimately ended up bringing him on the team.  So i guess to summarize. I cast, I produce, I act

Derek  And a matchmaker

What do you mean by "matchmaker"?

Derek  He's an integral part of bringing together everyone and if it weren't for his work in bringing people together, we wouldn't have had Megan or Adam or this interview

Adam  I was lucky enough to meet Bryant at the North Carolina Film community meetings in charlotte where he was showcasing his series "Lines" I was really blown away by his work there, and I'm thrilled to get a chance to work with him on this project. Bryant really does it all.

Tell us more about Andrew. How does he fit into the picture.

Bryant  Andrew is my partner in crime so speak. Hes a very skilled cinematographer. And knows his cameras.  He's my go to guy when I have any technical questions. He's also a fantastic writer. Co created Lines, Charlie, and we have shot a few music videos together.  He fits into our story by us allowing him to be the guy to capture the essence of this film. He has very good equipment and has even made his own. Like a dolly and an 8ft jib. His creativity would allow us to potentially see things we might have missed. Visually or continuity wise.

I see you have a Kickstarter campaign going for "Ringfinger". How will the funds be used in making this film?

Derek  It's a Seed&Spark campaign, to clarify. Seed&Spark is a crowdfunding website like Kickstarter.
The funds are focused on paying the actors and feeding everyone who is willing to volunteer behind the scenes, in addition to renting any equipment we don't have on hand. As well as any locations we must rent.

Okay, thanks for correcting me. How is Seed&Spark different from Kickstarter?

Derek  A few ways: 1.) You have to hit 80% to be successful versus 100%. 2.) People can loan goods and services if they match our "wishlist" which breaks the goal down into quantifiable elements. 3.) The staff of the site has been terrific in helping the project progress and making sure it becomes successful/

Oh! Also, it's solely for film and television. Kickstarter and Indiegogo are for any ideas you want to crowdfund.

Adam  Which means the campaign is very close to realization, it just needs a little push to take it over the edge. Derek wrote a great script, and Bryant and Andrew have done a great job creating the marketing videos. The Seed&Spark campaign, is only 35 percent away from hitting it's  80 percent goal. It's going to be a race, but we have faith it will happen. So if you read this and you haven't donated please help us make this project a reality.

What is your schedule for completing the film?

Adam  Right now the shooting schedule is spread out in April and May.

Derek  We hope to begin submitting to fall film festivals

What makes this film so unique?

Adam  Diversity. This film deals with a few LBGT issues that are really interesting and part of what makes the film lovable. I won't give too much away, but it is one of those films that really defends the rights of people in North Carolina.

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