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Seminar: Music For Picture - Arlington, VA

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Henninger Media Services is having a seminar this week on Music For Picture.  The areas top producers and composers will discuss how they make music for films and why it is important to create a mood for the audience.

  • Importance of music in film and video.
  • Value of a composer vs. the value of a library.
  • What producers and directors need to know when working with a composer.
  • Live musicians vs. Sample-based performances.
  • Music technology.
  • How music fits into modern production workflow.

Music For Picture Seminar
  • TIVA (Television, Internet & Video Assocation) members $10.
  • Non-members $20. 
  • Paper and plastic accepted at the door.
  • New members welcome to join as well!
  • Food and drinks are provided.

Thursday, February 2nd
6:30 pm 

Henninger Media Services
2601 Wilson Boulevard
Arlington, Virginia