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Survival Lilly - Bushcraft Video Producer

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Three things become evident when you tune into Survivor Lilly's YouTube channel. She loves the outdoors, she has a passion for practicing bushcraft skills and she is almost always accompanied by her faithful companion, Dax. She also likes filming her activities for the world to see and we all can be grateful for that.

It's not easy going into the woods alone and filming yourself doing these tasks and doing a good job of it, but she rises to the task each time creating bushcraft videos that are simple and to the point. She does most all of the filming, editing, and demonstrations herself and manages to do two or three a week to satisfy her fans. I always look forward to what she is going to cover next.

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Lilly's homeland is Austria. A country that is mostly mountainous with some low lying terrain and plains in the east. Famous for the Alps mountain range and the Danube River (think Blue Danube Waltz by Austrian composer Johann Strauss) which begins in Germany and flows through the Danube River Valley in northeast Austria. It is Europe's second longest river at more than one thousand miles. It finally empties into the Black Sea after passing trough ten countries and more when counting the drainage basin. Innsbruck, located in the west, is known for it's snow skiing. The Winter Olympics were held there in 1964 and 1976.

It is here in Austria that Lilly has set up a survival camp as her base of operations. In her videos you can see her begin work on the camp, adding and improving it as the weeks go by.  Formerly she worked  for various tax consultants but that has given way to devoting herself full time to video making. 

Besides the establishment of her base camp the topics of her pieces include firemaking, survival shelters, knife sharpening, hunting, foraging for food, wilderness cooking, survival medicine, knots, and so on.  All the things you would expect and have a need to know if faced with a survival situation alone in the woods.

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Now, how does she survive the ecomomics of making videos full time? Through ads attached to her videos by YouTube. She has a lot of followers on her YouTube channel. Each time an ad is watched she makes a little bit of money. What some may not realize is that the best way to support her in her efforts, is to watch the ad all the way through. The ads are typically short and a small price to pay for these wonderful glimpses into camp life.

Finally, you will notice her co-star, Dax the dog, often steals the scene. Forever curious and lurking in the background it's hard to decide who enjoys their outings the most , Dax or Lilly.

How did you come to begin making bushcraft videos? Is it something you planned early on or something that you grew into over time?

Survival Lilly 2.jpg
Lilly  My interest in nature started at early age. I grew up at the countryside of Austria, and I remember that I played in the woods almost every day. I searched for wild edibles like blueberries or chanterelle mushrooms and I built shelters to play hide and seek with other kids from my school.
When I grew up I attended a highschool with special subjects in forestry. There I learned how to identify trees by their bark, wood, buds, seeds and leaves. I was always eager to learn how everyone would fit together. Nature was fascinating to me because it seemed like a big living circle where every part had its place and would fit in.
Survival Lilly 3.jpg
After achieving my master degree in the arts of business I worked for various tax consultants but then decided to start a YouTube channel and follow my true passion. I am making videos about primitive living skills, survival, bushcraft, hunting and camping gear. I consider myself being a modern hunter-gatherer who wants to live as close as possible to mother nature and right now I am in the process of learning how to live off the land and thrive in the wilderness.

Do you do all the filming yourself?

Lilly  95% I film myself

You are very prolific in the number of episodes you put out. Are you ever at a loss for ideas?

Lilly  I have a ton of ideas that i still didnt make a video about, somehow I always manage to get 3 videos a week out there.

Survival Lilly 4.jpg
I assume portability is a big factor. What do you look for in a camera for filming in the wild?

Lilly  Small, compact, but still HD quality, flipable display and a good full inch sensor. I would use DSLR, but for that it is better if you have a cameraman, which I dont have.

You seem to have had a good eye for editing early on. Where did this come from?

Lilly  I watched other professional YouTubers and copied their style. My first videos were very bad though. i deleted them all except the one where i broke down with my bed in the night.

Survival Lilly 6.jpg

How can us viewers best support you to insure you keep making these wonderful videos?

Lilly  By watching the advertisement that comes before my videos.

I went on a nice hike yesterday at the Catawba Indian Nation. We have many great trails here in the Carolinas including the Appalachian Trail to the north that goes from Georgia to Maine. What are some of the hiking trails in you country that you like?

Lilly  I almost never go hiking, we have thousands of awesome trails in the mountains.

Survival Lilly 8.jpg

If you could go anywhere and spend a week in the wilderness, where would that be?

Lilly  Canada, Rocky Mountain region.

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Lilly I just love your videos and while I'm at work or on the road or on the ferry boat I watch your ITunes shows.
Keep up the good work and one day I hope to see you in person on the trail.

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