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Telling Stories Seminar at THE iNDEE

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Update!  The date for this seminar has been changed to Thursday, July 31st, 6:00 pm - 8:30 pm
THE iNDEE Studio in Gastonia, North Carolina will be hosting a seminar on "Telling Stories".  If you are wanting to be a screenwriter or are a filmmaker with story ideas this is a great class for you.  You can attend the lecture or if you're not close enough to make it it will also be available through Skype.  This writing series is the first in a series that THE iNDEE Actors Club is making an effort to host this year.

The iNDEE team has produced seven feature films (worked on a combined 15+ features in various capacities), four dramatic one-hour pilots, and ove 100 episodes of nationally televised programming. So they know how to tell a story.

" Through our process you will leave our seminar having a firm grasp on how to take your idea from the planning stages to pre production on your new film. Writers of all levels will learn valuable lessons about the execution of character driven, exciting, story telling. They will be lead by industry professionals giving only examples from the height of cinematic story telling." - THE iNDEE Actors Club Team

Scheduled Topics

  • Concepts: "What makes a great story" Know how to identify your audience and learn how to find the story that ONLY YOU can tell. 

  • Planning: "The blueprints of your story" Learn how to map out and execute each phase of your story. Through this process we will teach you the iNDEE's personal and original structured outline that we have used on each of our feature films to plan out and execute a complete story.

  • Execution: "How to move smoothly through a scene" looking at examples of several leading screenwriters and what makes a story move smoothly from scene to scene. 

  • Do's and Don'ts: "Ways to get your script thrown out of the pile" Go over the common mistakes that writers make that immediately take them out of consideration when being read by industry professionals

Telling Stories Seminar
Thursday, July 31th
6:00 pm until 8:30 pm
THE iNDEE Actors Club
195 West Main Ave, 
Gastonia, North Carolina
* Also available through Skype.  Contact Colby Hopkins for details.

Cost: $99

Don't miss this opportunity to learn more about telling your stories in film ans scripts.  Sign up ASAP!

You must contact Colby Hopkins, the event coordinator, in order to sign up.
Email Colby at: